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Last week, I was on my laptop going through Facebook when an ad came up for a local Florida pageant that would be casting in the coming weekend. Being in a pageant and having a platform like this as an adult has been a dream of mine for a while now. The problem is, most pageants want un-wed beach girls and thats cool and all but, Im totally married with a child so thats a NO go for your girl! So, when I saw that this pageant had a Mrs. Category—I was all for it!

I quickly texted my husband about the pageant casting call in hopes that he would have the day off because #MilitaryProblems, and when I got word that he did, I was halfway in my closet thinking about what I would wear, what I would say, and omg I cant believe Im finally doing this.

Then it happened

I scrolled to the bottom of the page to look at the requirements, checking off items one by one that I was qualified for and needed to register for the pageant. I thought, Girl you got this!.

Then I realized I didn’t.

There it was at the bottom of the page. This pageant would include a swimwear categorybut that wasn’t the scary part. The swimwear would be sponsored by a designer in which all pageant participants would wear the same exact blue piece of floss (oops I mean bikini). I mean the thing was teeny tin— they clearly had one body type in mind for this outfit and it wasnt mine.

ThenHERES THE KICKERthe tab beside the swimwear section says that the purpose of the swimsuit competition is to let the judges know that the participants are dedicated to being healthy both physically and in lifestyle.

You guys!! I mean, I like smoothies and Im down for a good salad or a carrot and so forth, but darn it I like cookies too and that’s not the point! The point is, I had a baby a year ago and while there are plenty of Instamoms out there killing the game, I am not her and she is not me. Im not fat but I got a little more “thickums” than the judges would bargain for. My butt would basically swallow that bikini bottom whole and my milk filled boobies which by the way…one is way bigger than the otherwould look ridiculous in the triangle cut swim top they were offering…NO THANKS!

Like many moms, there are days that I am insecure about how I look, but when I saw this part of the competition I thought HOLY CRAP! I am basically trapped in a body that did an amazing, world-changing, earth shattering, yasss girl, magical unicorn thing for me but this little competition took 5 seconds to shift my perception of myself from “I’m Every Woman” to  “I Have Nothing” (Did you catch that Whitney Houston reference?).

I have carried, given birth and nourished a baby for the last 19 months of my life and just that fast, I was about to forget it all on the count of my body is too bootylicious for this pageant. WHAT WAS I THINKING??

So, check this out!

Dear Moms, if youre reading this and you feel like youre unqualified for a pageant or modeling or even unworthy of being a part of this cruel thing we call social media because “Dr. Miami Scissor Hands” hasn’t cut and pasted you back together, Ive got news for you…YOURE BEAUTIFUL! Im sharing this with you so that we can be accountability partners. There will be days that you wont feel that you look good enough but remember that your body has not failed you! It has created a life and made you who you are today. You are worthy! You are amazing! You are a representation of Gods divine plan and

The world actually does revolve around you!


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