Please excuse my drug induced looking state!
I had just come home from the doctor’s office after suffering horrible neck and back pain throughout the night. This is my first time on muscle relaxers and boy did they do a number on me:



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1 Comment on New Site and Clinics Onpost

  1. Hey Girl,
    oh, I am sooooo sorry about your neck and that you are feeling so badly!
    I feel the same way you do about the clinic — unless you don’t have something really obvious, take ibuprofen and come back if it doesn’t get any better….Just treating the symptoms isn’t always the solution! And you are right, they [PCM] can’t know us because they only see us once then deploy (LOL)

    I usually end up trying to find out myself what caused the pain and what I can do about it. God bless the internet!!
    I have siatica – but when I first went in to see the doctor what it was he was totally clueless. Young guy too. He was nice and all but he was stumped (have to say my chiropractor didn’t know either!)
    I later on asked a close doctor friend of mine and without hesitating she said: Piriformis syndrome. Hallelujah. That didn’t make my pain go away, but NOW at least I can learn about it and deal with it….I’ll spare you the story of my intestines LOL…

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