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Even at only twenty nine years old, I remember a time when you had to actually have talent to be on TV or in music. It is having talent that made some of our biggest celebrities stars simply because they possessed a true gift . There was also a period of time in which stars possessed a certain aura or mysteriousness and a fun inaccessibility that made you even enjoy them more. It’s what made having a favorite celeb fun.

This is the reason I am not afraid to say that “I absolutely cannot stand the Kardashian Clan”!  I am far from uptight but I have truly become fed up with this family. I mean till this day I am still trying to understand why they are famous? Okay we know Kim was a slore on tape but where exactly did her family come into the equation?

And before someone says the infamous “if you don’t like it , don’t watch it” line believe me I have stopped . I am honest enough to admit that I watched it and liked it when it first premiered. Lately they have become very materialistic and just way over the top for me and I’d rather something else be on  in their time slot.


Allows her kids to talk to her how ever they want.

Totally IMO disrespects her husband

Is over dramatic

Tries to hard to be young …Seriously Kris your not Kim!

Pimps out her daughters for cash

I’m still trying to get over how she told her current husband she wanted to change her last name from Jenner back to Kardashian?


Her voice irritates me…She drags every word

She is still with Scott …enough said

What is her point on the show?


He is just a butthole to the 5th power

Still trying to understand his talent and point of being on the show


Although I like her the most of the bunch I still find her annoying

Disrespectful to her mom and Bruce at times.

And she is talented in what way?




Needs to get a backbone

The Two Younger Daughters

They are not even important enough for me to remember their names but I see models with a drinking problem and Studio 54 habits in their future if someone doesn’t keep them in check.

Lastly Kim

See I almost forgot about her, which I’m sure is how the majority of the population feels.

I think I am more annoyed with people like her being on television with a plastic face and body and young girls really thinking that she is beauty. Twelve years ago girls were trying to minimize their butts and now because she injects her’s it’s popular. She can’t act , she can’t sing and I won’t even touch on the marriage situation. I just want my money from all the bets I placed that it wouldn’t last six months. She cried over a $75K earring that she lost in the water, I mean seriously you dummy who wears an almost $100k pair of  earrings in the freaking water.

I can say so much more about her but I am already contradicting myself by writing about them!

I want good TV back and getting rid of them would be a start so if you feel the same way feel free to sign the below petition.

No More Kardashian Petition | GoPetition



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