I saw this picture on Facebook and just had to share. Facebook always has these great and funny pictures but you never know who created them to give credit.

In any event I think alot of us military spouses can identify with this picture. I cracked up at “picture 3”, because who hasn’t received that popular question! “Is your life really like the tv show Army Wives?!

Image Credit:Facebook Share

Which part of this picture do you relate to the most?

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8 Comments on Pinterest of The Day: Is This What Military Wives Do?

  1. this is so funny, I was wondering how I could post this picture to my blog. I do not understand copyright enough to post. let me think I wish I was getting the letters or with the Army Wives show but really that crazy looking women is me today.
    A Army wife from Fort Bragg

    • Reposting pictures confuses me sometimes too. Most pics I get from Flickr because they have a free use section as long as you credit it. The FB pics are so hard to know who to credit….

  2. I can relate to the last one. Lol. I saw on FB too and shared it, couldn’t resist…

    Have you heard anything more about the military reality show? I get all info on that from you, haven’t heard it anywhere else. I’m wanting to tune in just to see how “real” reality tv actually is. As a military spouse I know how this life goes pretty much and I can’t wait to see how it gets spinned or if it’s accurately put on tv.

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