Before they started making all these cleaners with detergents and smell goods I used to take some of my detergent and pour it in my mop bucket so that the floor could smell like Tide, Gain, or whatever else. Unfortunately I refuse to spend $8 and up on detergent anymore, so let’s just say Gain and Tide are rare in my home.

The other day I am in my local Family Dollar and BOOM!

I see this:

The best  thing was that it was only $2! So I had a ball mopping my floors cleaning the toilets and the sinks yesterday. It didn’t take alot neither. I simply just got a spray bottle added about a cup of the Mr. Clean Gain cleaner and equal part water.  My whole house smelled like Gain and twenty hours later it still has remnants of the Gain smell. Speaking of smell unlike some other cleaners that hype you up and say they are going to smell like a detergent or some type of fragrance this one actually does smell like Gain.

What’s your favorite cleaner?

Disclosure: This cleaner was brought by me and I just decided to share it because well that’s what I love to do with you guys!



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9 Comments on Let’s Talk Cleaning: I’m Totally Addicted To Mr Clean With Gain!

  1. I don’t like that one. I love Mr. Clean with febreeze or lemon lysol liquid to clean the floors. My favorite bathroom cleaner is vinegar mixed with dawn.

  2. Hmm… haven’t heard of it, will have to try it. I buy whatever is cheap for my floors, especially since it seems no matter what I use it doesn’t look clean anyway.

  3. I know many of you are familiar with the new housing at Schofield Barracks. What do you all use on the “wood” floors that are throughout this place? I can’t keep up and my steam and sweep is just not doing its job anymore!

    • I lived in new housing on Schofield and honestly hubby would mop with a regular mop and then quickly dry with an old towel. What I couldn’t stand was that they wanted you to use Swiffers but that doesn’t clean so great.

  4. I really like the all natural Method cleaner. they sell it at PX, its about $3-$4. the one i use has a cucumber scent and it is multipurpose. I feel safe using its all natural ingredients around my pets and myself!

  5. Omg! I love Gain. I was thrilled when the Mr. Clean version came out! The only downside is that it doesn’t disinfect so I still mix it with Pine-sol. I also have the Febreeze air freshener with Gain, Cascade with Gain, Gain dish detergent and Gain laundry detergent. Yeah, I’m addicted. Soooo…my house always smells CLEAN AND FABULOUS.

  6. I love this mr clean w/gain… I’ll add some to a little pot of water and simmer on the stove… Makes the whole house smell clean.
    **just don’t forget about- THAT smell isn’t that great. Lol.

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