When I begin blogging 3+ years ago I had no idea that it would be what it is today. I am not one to toot my own horn by any means but I have to admit I have gotten to meet some amazing people and do some kick ass things as the creator of Army Wife 101.

When I started Army Wife 101 I simply wanted to help answer spouses questions about what many consider to be a fun but challenging lifestyle. As I grew Army Wife 101 grew and I wanted to show us “dependents” that we are more then military wives. We have interests of our own and letting you in on this amazing journey I am on as a “professional blogger” is my way of encouraging those of you to carve our your own journey , independence and niche.

My kiddos and husband meeting the first lady in March of 2012
My kiddos and husband meeting the first lady in March of 2012

This year my life as a military wife changed. I went from living the only life I’d known as a married woman (the military life) to becoming a small part of that lifestyle and somewhat leaving an amazing group of people. I shared my husband’s dealings with PTSD and his journey into the National Guard. Luckily I started this little cool blog and I still get to help the folks that I love on a daily basis and be part of the military family full time.

In reflection of this past year I wanted to share some of my favorite posts and pictures from from 2012.

Top 5 Favorite Blog Posts

1. A Few Stupid Reasons I Can’t Sleep During Deployments ,Duty, TDY’s

2. Sh#$ Military Wives Say

3. Blogher NYC 2012

4. Homecoming Outfit Of The Week Series

5. Since The I Cant Stand Living In Hawaii Post got me more hate mail then any other year I thought I would share that too:

 One Army Wife’s Thoughts On Why She Hates Living In Hawaii

 Some Fun Pics From The Year

Wishing you all the best New Year ever. Have a great night and make 2013 the best.

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3 Comments on Ringing Out The Old and Ringing In The New…Plus The Top Moment of 2012 On Army Wife 101!

  1. Great post! I’m new to the blog this year and this lifestyle from the spouse perspective. I was an army brat growing up! So it’s different on this end and having this blog among others is very helpful! Thanks for all you do and can’t wait to see what 2013 brings!!

  2. I found you because of your I hate Hawaii blog. One of my friends shared it on facebook. I have my own love/hate relationship with Hawaii. I love it here- the sunshine, the beaches. I hate it here – trying to find a school where my kid fits and can excell and having my soldier deployed more than he’s been home. And then I sent my friend Celeste Willis your way! You may know her :)

    • Love this last blog for the year! You are doing an awesome thing for the spouses and Lol to Mary above! Thanks for introducing me to this awesome blog!

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