I love military themed contest and sweepstakes. I especially love a chance to showcase my hero and why I love him so much.

In support of the military and to show their appreciation Sweet ‘N Low is giving family members with loved ones in the military a chance to win some great prizes.

In Their Words:

“Loved-ones of those serving in the armed forces have a chance to win a prize for their solider and themselves by entering Sweet’N Low’s Sweet On a Solider sweepstakes. To make sure that they can always stay in touch with their sweet companion, at the close of the contest in September, one grand-prize winner will receive a branded Netbook and Skype card, total value of $500.00. Additionally, prize packs worth $50.00 for the service person and a $25.00 Skype card for their loved-one will also be granted on a weekly basis”.

How To Enter

“Eligible participants will be required to submit the following information about the soldier they are entering:  name, age, address, branch of service, division, photo of service member and a short essay of 300 words or less describing why you are sweet on your soldier. The essay should highlight the soldier’s admirable duties serving our country”.

Entries should be send to sweetnlowbrand@gmail.com

Sweepstakes ends 11:59PM EST on September 3, 2012.

For more details visit the Sweet’ N Low Facebook Page.

Good Luck!



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