Although I am a military spouse and can show my appreciation everyday via my husband, I still like to show my gratitude to military service members in any small way possible. Being that I am a cell phone junkie I am excited to learn about a new project that Heinz has going on in association with “The Wounded Warrior Project”. If you have a smart phone you can now send a personalized thank you to a service member by scanning a QR code.

For those saying “huh what’s that?” It is those scannable black and white symbols that are popping up all over the place that look like this:

While dining out or even in the grocery store you can  scan a quick response (QR) code on a Heinz Ketchup bottle with your smart phone, and it will allow you to send a personalized thank you note that will be sent as a postcard through the United Service Organization (USO) to a veteran or active military service member.

For every thank you sent Heinz will donate 57¢ to “The Wounded Warriors Project”. A total of up to $200,000 will be given.

Most of us play with our phones all day anyway , so why not put it to use and brighten the day of a fellow service member.

Next time you are dining out, look for a Heinz ketchup bottle that says ” Our Turn To Serve” and send a message of Thanks!




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2 Comments on Use Your Smartphone and Send a Message of Appreciation to A Service Member with Heinz

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