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Somewhere between encountering your first drill sergeant and the day you exit the military, you have acquired a wealth of knowledge, experience, and skill. This level of expertise and transferable job skill set isn’t always found in the classroom or through a traditional internship.

This is why veterans are immensely valuable to the business world.

Most veterans leave the service with unmatched levels of discipline. As professionals, they arrive on time, dress well, are mission-focused, operate as a team, and have handled more stressful situations than most civilians will ever experience.

When you add this up, it’s clear to see why an entry-level position upon leaving the military isn’t appealing. You know what is? A leadership role.

Why Veterans Should Consider Owning a Franchise

If, upon retiring or separating from the service, you want to run a business but aren’t sure where to start, consider a franchise!  Here are eight reasons why:

  • Be your own boss
  • Set your own schedule
  • Select your own team
  • Maintain a leadership role
  • Have creative direction
  • Enjoy limitless income potential
  • Benefit from training and support
  • Take advantage of an established business plan, branding, and name recognition

Most veterans come equipped with the unique skill set required to successfully run a business. Bruster’s Real Ice Cream has recognized this standard. They invite veterans to become franchise owners, at an incredible military discount.

More than 10% of Bruster’s franchisees served in the military.

50% Franchise Discount for Veterans

Bruster’s Real Ice Cream is an established brand with nearly 200 franchised locations. They enjoy widespread recognition, a strong fan base, and a community of loyal franchisees.

To say “thank you” to those who have served our country, they invite military veterans to join the Bruster’s family for 50% off the franchise ownership fee! Instead of paying $30,000, veterans can own a Bruster’s franchise for just $15,000.

This significantly opens the door to your next leadership role and professional opportunity!

“For many years we have offered a 50 percent discount to veterans, and more than 10 percent of our franchisees are vets,” said Jim Sahene, Bruster’s CEO. “Whether it’s a veteran taking advantage of our military discount or an entrepreneur looking for a new opportunity, this is a great time to join Bruster’s,” Sahene added.

Bill Palaich is an Army veteran and a Bruster’s franchise owner. Being a veteran has positioned him for success in his current leadership role:

“The experience I gained in the United States Army has proven to be invaluable in running my Bruster’s Real Ice Cream franchise. Skills in leadership, planning, execution, training, crisis management, and motivating, have been true assets in this endeavor. I also do my best to share the qualities and traits I learned during my military service, such as discipline, good work ethic, integrity, honesty, and cooperation. Completing the mission is still priority number one and the military was integral in providing me the tools to reach my goals.” – Bill Palaich, Clermont, FL

Translate your strategic military skills to a deliciously fun industry!

Ice Cream Makes People Happy!

After years in the military, doesn’t the idea of excited patrons, delighted children, happy couples, and celebratory families sound appealing? Just imagine about how happy people will be, both coming and going from your ice cream shop. What a fun industry!

When you open a Bruster’s in your neighborhood, you are bringing joy to the community (in the form of tasty frozen treats)! Additionally, you’re supporting yourself, your family, and taking charge of your future.

If you ask us, that all sounds “pretty sweet,” but talk to Bruster’s — they’re the experts! To learn more about the Bruster’s franchise opportunity for veterans, please click here

Follow Bruster’s on social: Facebook @BrustersRealIceCreamInstagram @Brustersfresh, and Twitter @BrustersFresh.

Veterans, we thank you for your service and we wish you success in all endeavors.




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