Yesterday I did my wifely and motherly duty of going grocery shopping. I was proud of myself that I only spent $88 thanks to coupons and some buy one get free deals at my local Food Lion which I usually find to be expensive but was determined to make shopping there work since I was to lazy to go to the commissary.

Today I got up out of bed, refreshed knowing that I was going to walk into Walmart and not worry about buying groceries but instead just get Mother’s Day Cards and stamps and get the hell out of dodge.

This is what happened:

Notice What's Missing?

Everything but the damn cards winded up in that shopping cart. Finally once I had remembered my original purpose I was fifty plus dollars poorer.

I went back to get my beautiful American Greetings Cards which by the way had a $2 off three coupon and again came out another eleven plus dollars poorer.

I’ll end this pointless rant off by stating a comment from one of my readers” You never know what you need until you go to Walmart!

Take me out of my misery …does this happen to you too?



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12 Comments on What’s The Point of Saying You Are Only Going To Get One Thing?

  1. I can never just get what I intended to get. Family Dollar is another trap. Speaking of, I need to get some detergent. Pray for me!

    • Oh goodness yes how could I forget about Family Dollar, don’t even get me started on how many times I have went in there for tissue or milk and came out with a month’s worth of stuff lol!

  2. Oh I feel you on going in for one thing and coming out with the whole entire store. I have to run by there this morning, trying to make a small list in my head before I go.

  3. How often do tou go food shopping? I spend 300 on groceries from te commissary every 2 weeks but have a family of 6 with two almost teenage boys that eat like grown men. I live next to a food lion but it’s so dang expensive! It is a lot more convenient though! I wonder if the commissary really is cheaper in the long run bc they tack on $20 plus for a ridiculous surcharge plus the gas of getting there ( live in Sandord). I need to get on that coupon thing! I can’t go into Walmart or Target without spending money I don’t have on stuff I don’t need. I swear they have a scanner at the door that turns your brain into zombie mode. When you do finally leave you have no idea what you bought.

  4. i’m totally impressed that you only spent 88 dollars! how much did you buy, now that would be a great post! show us what you bought and what coupons you used! you’re a coupon queen!

  5. I have to go to get nursery water LOL but there is a list i’ve been keeping in the back of my head. Like biore strips for the nose, top coat and base coat. A couple of pairs of capris, and a chair for the front porch as the one of the two that was given to us is hanging on by a thread literally, the other was thrown in the trash a long time ago. It’s not like I don’t have the money to get this stuff, but if I go in there for nursery water and I will get sucked in and have $200 worth of stuff outside of groceries LOL.

  6. I’m pretty sure this just happened to me 20 mins ago. Went in for toothpaste came out with 5 more items than expected. I have done worse before. Dang Wal-Mart.

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