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This topic has probably been discussed  quite a bit throughout the military spouse blogosphere. The reason why I’m bringing it up again is because I recently overheard two spouses talking about their situations while standing in line at the Shoppette. I was appalled at what they were saying. I wasn’t trying to eavesdrop on their conversation but these two women were talking so loud that I’m pretty sure the customers at the back of store probably even heard them! I was standing right behind them. Spouse A stated the following, “This woman in my FRG (Family Readiness Group) had the nerve to ask if I wanted to go to lunch with her? I’m friendly with her but I’m not about to be seen with a junior enlisted soldier’s wife.”  I literally felt nauseous. Why in the world would she say something like that? Spouse B just threw her head back and cackled. It was this really irritating and annoying laugh! She then stated, “The nerve of that woman to even ask!” The ladies then proceeded to talk about how fraternizing with junior ranks is not tolerated in their household…..blah….blah.

 It is not only the officer’s wives that do this but the enlisted spouse as well. I had a woman tell me at Fort Bliss that she and her husband don’t hang out with any soldiers below an E-5. Her husband had just made E-5 after being an E-4 for six years! He was a freaking chaplain’s assistant for crying out loud. I didn’t appreciate the way they put themselves above others like that. You are nobody lady! I stopped being her friend after she said that. I would never want to associate myself with someone so ignorant. I don’t know the psychology behind why spouses act in this manner and I really don’t care. I just think it’s unfortunate that any spouse feels the need to wear their husband’s rank or look down on other spouses and soldiers! I’m thinking maybe there are some self esteem issues going on. I really don’t know. We are one military protecting this wonderful country of ours. You DID NOT earn your spouse’s rank. He earned it and you definitely do not get up every day to put on the uniform. I have heard of spouses throwing tantrums on post and thinking rules don’t apply to them because of who their husband’s are. Get a grip ladies and stop making a fool out of you and your husband!

 Why would you even want to limit yourself to friendships within one group of people? There are wonderful and supportive spouses within all ranks of the service. Please don’t limit the long-lasting friendships that you could establish because of your closed mindedness. And ladies, you wouldn’t get away with acting like this in the civilian world. They don’t care who your husband is or was in the military! You will have someone tell you in a heartbeat to go sit your behind down somewhere! I also wanted to mention that it is never wise to assume anything. Things aren’t always what they seem. I say this because; you will have senior enlisted and officer families struggling with their finances just as much if not more than junior enlisted families. I have seen it with my own eyes. I have written about finances on my blog and when I tell you that I’ve seen senior and officer families struggling; it’s the truth. I was friends with a spouse of a major at Fort Riley and I couldn’t believe their living conditions but yet she was driving a BMW so never assume anything.

Several years ago, I was doing some research on this issue and came across a really funny You Tube video.  This ex-soldier provided an entertaining view of his thoughts on spouses who wear their husband’s rank that I thought I would include below. I thought it was really funny.

Disclaimer: The video does use a few slightly inappropriate words so you might want to watch when no children are around.


 Have you ever had to deal with a spouse who pulled rank before or are you an officer’s spouse that had to deal with an enlisted spouse’s attitude for no reason? Please let me know in the comments and as always thanks for reading!



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92 Comments on When Wives Wear Their Husband’s Rank…Revisited

  1. i just thought it might be helpful to know that as far as i know and any wife i have asked as well as other soldiers, if you are an e-5 you are not suppose to fraternize with lower enlisted soldiers and officers are most def not allowed. if wives are simply following their husbands lead then that makes sense, and women are caddy that will never change and if it does it wont be in our lifetime…… but yeah check the facts, im pretty sure they are accurate.

    • Tiffani, we are all aware of the facts but that doesn’t necessarily mean you you have to follow them. We are not living in the 50s. I am not going to let anyone tell me who I can or can’t be friends with. Our soldiers are serving this country not the spouses. I think the whole policy is ridiculous but that’s my personal opinion.

    • The husbands have to do it because of the organization they are helps to prevent favoritism towards subordinates and others that they may have to discipline…it has nothing to do with wives who are not in charge of any soldiers!

    • Tiffany, if you want to Simply follow your husbands lead then get up with him every morning and do PT, stand in formation for long periods of time during ceremonies, go on long deployments overseas, do strenuous training in the field, and go before the board to get promoted to your next rank….

    • Where are these facts you speak of? I haven’t been able to find anything on E-5 can’t fraternize/hangout with E-4 and lower, is that an unwritten rule somewhere? Either way, it doesn’t matter what the regs on fraternization say unless you are a service member in the military. As someone else stated, a spouse is a civilian, so those regs do not apply. I agree with you Lateesha – this isn’t the 50’s ;) and my husband’s job doesn’t have a thing to do with nor does it affect who I befriend or hangout with (meaning I’m not going to look at their husbands job or rank).

    • You’re absolutely right, Tiffany, soldiers are not allowed to fraternize with lower enlisted. However, Facts or no facts, just because fraternization is not allowed with your soldier doesn’t mean you need to be a snob. If you want to “follow” along with your husband and not hang with anyone who is lower enlisted or higher enlisted then that’s your business. But please be tactful about it. You don’t have to announce to the world that your husband is higher ranking than so-and-so and they have some nerve asking you to lunch. Simply tell them you’re busy and add a thank you in there. Is that so hard?

      I can totally understand why some would feel awkward or maybe even afraid of hanging with anyone lower enlisted or higher ranking because I was fearful of it for a while when I first married my husband. But he explained to me that he was the one in the military, not me, and I had full rain to hang with whomever I wanted. I just needed to know that he wouldn’t be able to get together with that persons husband.

    • i understand what you are saying here i was only trying to offer a view point as to why soldiers wives choose to do this, now the caddishness is just being a bitchy female i suppose, but i wasnt looking to have other women attack me with their opinion im one of the few hostile army wives. that is another thing i dont understand why army wives feel like they have to be as hard ass as their husbands…. if you figure that out let me know lol

  2. well. my husband has a sensitive job so we are careful about who we bring into the house. we are also a couple, and we have couple friends. i dont like having friends we cant hang out with all together at the house. i dont like having to have my friends leave when my husband gets home, or putting him in an awkward position. i would never be friends with my bosses at my civi job, why would we be friends like that with his? or with his soldiers?

    • Then where do you draw the line? Are your kids discriminating against other kids on the playground because of their dads rank? If a wife has to leave your house because your husband comes home then something is wrong. You and every other spouse are civilians…your husband is not in charge of your female friends. Once again, if you choose to only hang out with certain types of people than that is your personal choice…the fraternization rule has nothing to do with you and you can’t get in trouble with it unless you are active duty.

  3. I have noticed this trend as well. I see it a lot on social media sites where a wife is talking about an issue she has with another wife. It usually starts out as “this wife of an e-whatever the rank the husband holds”, and then it continues on to complain about whatever problem the wife is having. Why does it matter what rank the wife’s husband holds? Is she having a specific problem with the husband, or the wife of said husband? Can’t she just have an issue period regardless of rank? Yes, I get that the “rule” states that certain ranks aren’t supposed to fraternize, but last I checked, most of these spouses aren’t wearing the uniform. Not everyone is going to get along with everyone, and I understand that; but, let’s all try to act a little more like adults and not self entitled children. It’s disgraceful to not only you, but your husband as well.

  4. LOL….First to address this rank thing…I am not in the military…in my home there is no rank. I am CEO, General, HBIC…whatever you want to label it, respect me! It isn’t only the wives I have issues with in this instance, soldiers coming over thinking their rank matters, umm NO buddy, I am not your soldier! I have friends with husbands of all different ranks…and they are always welcome in my home…None are in my husband’s COC, or even have the ability to ever be, and NONE act better than one another while they are here. My housemate’s (a townhome) husband is a captain(which is significantly higher than my husband’s rank), does that mean we shouldn’t be neighborly?? No borrowing their weed eater or asking them over for cookies at Christmas?? really? As far as the other poster asking to check facts, I believe it is “catty!”

  5. I agree. I make friends based on the way those friends treat me and others; both civilian and army. Whichever spouse wears the rank, has no basis on how I build/maintain my friendships with the spouse who doesn’t.

  6. I understand that it is unprofessional for soldiers of certain ranks to fraternize with lower enlisted soldiers. This could cause a lot of different issues to arise. I can also understand women respecting their husbands rank when it comes to who they may end up bringing into their home. As the guy in the video said, the military is all about “image”. However, those women in the shoppette were obviously stuck up snobs. If they think they are representing the way a senior enlisted or officers wife should be behaving in a public place then they are dead wrong, and I can only hope that their husbands would be ashamed of them for it. I would also be willing to bet that that’s not the kind of “image” the military is going for either. Keep it classy ladies!

    • See Kelly… are the definition of classy! There is a time and place for everything and I agree with you where it comes to respect. You make an excellent point! My husband has always told me that I can be friends with anyone that I want and for me to not let him or the military stop me. I have a tendency to befriend ladies closer to my age though because a lot of the much younger ladies I don’t have a lot in common with. The lady at Fort Bliss who I was friends with that made that comment about not hanging out with ladies whose husband’s were less than E-5 was being really snobbish for no reason at all!

  7. As for not being allowed to fraternize that is a totally different thing from acting like a human towards one another. Yes I am an officers wife and I understand, because of 1st had experience, why it is sensible to keep an appropriate distance from those you are in charge of. Wives ask things and or try to get the other wife involved in things that aren’t necessarily any of their business. Or you become good friends and an emergency comes up where you lend $100 bucks and can’t get it back because you should never have leant it in the first place.

    None of this means that you can’t be civil to one another or that it is a “joke” for a lower enlisted wife to have lunch with an officers wife or enlisted soldiers wife. In fact I am pretty sure the point of the FRG is to allow for all the spouses to come together and build a support group for one another. What if that spouse is in need of counsel and would like to speak to a senior wife about her issues. Does she have to go find a chaplains assistant? Does she have to go speak to the FRG leader who has several hundred wives to deal with?

    There is a line. You can be polite and supportive! Don’t cut people off because of their husbands ranks.

  8. Now, maybe in Canada this is different, but quite honestly, we don’t care as much about this stuff and most people who do, get the idea that it’s more important than it is by watching American military themed TV.

    The reason higher ranks are encouraged to keep a distance from lower ranks is because they have to make life or death decisions and friendships would make that harder. If you have to send someone somewhere dangerous and you choose based on a friendship and not the best soldier for the job… that’s a problem.

    But I have friends who’s husbands have been my husband’s commanding officer and every rank inbetween. We have coffee, we chat, we enjoy each others company. And my husband, he’s had friends on both sides of his chain of command. He trusts that these soldiers are able to seperate those things. They don’t make it personal when decisions are made or things are done at work as opposed to when they are at home watching UFC together. That’s a personal decision and unless they let that transfer into their work life, it’s not a big deal. Especially if that officer he’s friends with is in a different unit all together. I mean, really.
    I’m sorry, but if your husband is a Staff Sargent, or an officer, or whatever and you agree to meet a struggling new wife for coffee who’s husband is a Private…. I fail to see how that is going to impede your husbands ability to lead his men. If anything, it will grow his men’s respect for him and his family. I generally don’t ever share my husbands rank with other wives and I’ve had plenty of military spouse friends who I’ve had no idea what rank their husbands were. If they were civilian, would I immediately as if their husband was the boss?

    Unless a relationship is impeding your husbands ability to do their job, I have found that most wives who act like the ones you mentioned have a way over inflated sense of how important their spouses job is!

    • Reccewife, I completely agree, if it’s not impeding your husbands ability to do his job, then I wouldn’t worry about it. I personally don’t see why the spouses can’t be friends. I understand the soldier not wanting to hang out with a soldier lower or higher ranking than him, because he wouldn’t want to show favoritism but this should not be applied to spouses.

  9. You know an enlisted wife..this is the way I see it, My hubby has been an E1, E2, E3, E4, E5, E6,etc.,so that means, at one time we where all at the same place. I have always said it’s my hubby’s rank, not mine, I have been friend’s with Officer’s wives, lower ranked, and higher ranked enlisted wives..We are all in the same boat, it’s a shame some feel they are more entitled then other’s. Lets support one another not tear each other down.

  10. This whole thing is ridiculous to me. I would NEVER turn away an opportunity to be friends with someone because of her husband’s rank. (or my husband’s for that matter)

  11. My understanding is that it is usually the spouses that have no accomplishments themselves and have nothing really to show for themselves who wear their husbands rank. I remember taking some courses with ACS and they were trying to divide the room up by senior spouses and junior spouses! I did not say anything even though I was pretty sure I had more to show for myself than almost all of them since no other wives were working on a PHd while working 2 paying part time jobs! Needless to say those people who try to claim accomplishments which they really did not earn are pathetic…if their husbands left them today…how would they be able to hold up? Spouses who wear ranks also like to hide how their marriage may be terrible or just because he is a this or that….does not mean he is good and honest at what he or she does. There are many types of military members who break laws and do immoral things….

  12. It’s all crap.. My husband is an E7 and one of my best friends in Hawaii was an E4 who’s husband was a civilian and that didn’t stop us from having couple nights out together or hanging out at each other’s house on the weekends!!

  13. I’ve been married to my husband since he was an E5…so I missed out on basically the entire first half of his Army career. I am so proud of my husband and his accomplishments in the 5 years we’ve been married. He has worked so hard for them. Why would I possibly want to take away from that by trying to be a bully to other women? Their husbands will (hopefully) make the same types of accomplishments over their Army careers, and at one point my husband was an E-whatever as well. I could never be friends with or condone a woman who uses her husbands rank as her own.

      • To add to this, we went to the Army birthday ball…we were seated at a table with another senior ranking NCO, my husbands 1st SGT and Commander…the other couple who was supposed to be there (another senior NCO) couldn’t make it for some personal reasons and a, I believe Specialist, and his date were seated at the table with us. The Specialist was quiet and didn’t want to get involved…and his date, bless her heart, was so sweet…every single spouse and solider at that table, myself and my husband included, went out of our way to try to get them in our on conversations, to include them in what was going on…this was his first duty station and you could tell that he was a little nervous and shy…but it was so nice to see the hiring ranking NCOs and Commander just open themselves up and try to include him. I know that it was, more or less, a special occasion, but all the wives and the seniors just got along so well…it didn’t matter our husbands/wives ranks, we just sat there like decent human beings, enjoyed our meals and our wine and each others company.

          • Kimberly, that is really nice to hear… It all boils down to an age old saying..”treat others the way you want to be treated”…it’s actually quite elementary. :)

  14. I can’t stand seeing / hearing women do this! We both hangout with whoever we get along with, no matter their rank or spouse’s rank. My husband is an E-4 (soon to be E-5) and one of my very good friends here is the wife of my husbands squad leader (an E-5, soon to be E-6). I just don’t understand why women feel they cannot hangout or even talk to some wives all because the wives husbands are of a lower rank than their husband! Last I recall spouses didn’t earn any sort of rank to even be comparing ranks to see if they’re “good enough” to hangout with them.

  15. Its sad that some wives feel that they are “entitled ” to act like that because of whay rank their husbands are. I am the proud wife of a lower enlisted (not for much longer) soldier and never pretended to be better or worse than anybody. We are on the same team people. Honestly, our husbands are a team no matter what and have each other’s backs reguardless, so why can’t we? My husband’s job is a little different and I had no problem making friends with his “superior’s “wives. People are people. And if we want to pull out REGS ok let’s do that. There is actually a REG that states u are not allowed to have sex with your soldier in any other position besides missionary? According to REGS he is government property and other positions are deemed “hazardous to his health.” And in fact he can get written up for it? So, you wanna pull the REGS card then make sure u follow ALL REGS and not just some you find convenient.

  16. I have been with my soldier for over 4 years and have been engaged for a year. I am a former civilian employee that worked in the PX and have seen EVERYTHING that the video described. I think it is hilarious when woman try to pull their husband’s rank and my fiance thinks its ridiculous. My fiance has made sacrifices that I could never make and I would never disrespect him by pulling his rank. Being proud of your soldier and using your soldiers rank for YOUR benefit is two different things.

  17. This made me laugh! When I first moved to Killeen, TX I was working retail and I had a couple of wives ask me if I knew who their husbands were. Considering the way they were dressed, I assumed they weren’t anyone of “importance”. As it turned out, I was right. They needed to show me their ID for payments, and instead of showing me their drivers licence, they would ALWAYS show me their dependents ID. At some point I stopped comparing names on the card and ID, and started memorizing the depended rank, went home, did some research, starting learning the ranks at what not. And of course those wives were married to E-2 to E-5. Well of course I won’t know who your husband is, there are thousands of them walking around. This whole experience did not make me like military wives very much.
    I am now dating a soldier (that is what he prefers to be called) and he made it very clear that I can be friends with whoever I want. The new problem I have with wives is how superior they act, because they are married. Well I didn’t know that a marriage licence and ring make you a better person. I guess I don’t like military spouses on several different levels, and thankfully there are so many who are the exception to the rule.

    • Those women are ridiculous! I agree that there are so many spouses that are an exception the rule but I have come across so many trifling ones as well LOL!

  18. If I had fellow military spouse friends here, the only thing that’s a deal breaker is age. I’m a busy Mom, don’t really have time to socialize anyway but I’d rather make friends 1. My own age and 2. Non military spouse, and when you think about it, I discriminate yes but that’s my preference, if you will. If I should make a friend who happens to be MIL spouse, then yes, 99% of the time their husbands rank plays a small role only because most usually lower ranks are sooooo young, I’m 38 and just don’t feel like hanging out with a 20year old wife & her husband. We have 2 kids in college, a senior in HS and 1 in middle school. we’d feel old! Lol! So in that sense, no, I won’t hope for a blossoming friendship… Lol! btw it’s “eavesdrop” I’m a spelling Nazi, it’s my downfall :-(

    • That makes sense though Veronica…I’m friends with military (and non-military) spouses my own age for the most part, who’s husbands happen to be around the same rank as my husband…that, to me, isn’t really rank discrimination, that’s just the draw of the cards. I’m almost 28, I don’t need 18 or 19 year old friends who have just gotten married who want to go out and have fun…I have three young children, have been married for 5 years now, and am more on my own path so to speak…I like to stay home and be a mom and a wife…but that doesn’t mean you would be horrid to a lower ranking soldier’s spouse…just means you wouldn’t befriend them. :)

    • I have to say that I agree with you. I’m 32 years old and have a sixth grader and a fifth grader and I’ve been married almost 14 years this December. I normally don’t have anything in common with the younger spouses. However, I have met some really mature spouses in their early twenties, mid twenties etc. In those cases, I have befriended them because they were wise beyond their years. If you are mature, have your head on your shoulders and don’t expect me to watch your kids, then I don’t mind going to lunch or coffee with you. I WILL NOT watch your kids LOL!

  19. I can understand the who wife issuse, I’m in the military and I have to heard it everytime I go anywhere in cilivan colthing. But here is something That is coming up more….. husbands wearing their WIFE’S rank. My husband just got out of the military and has to deal with this all the time with. And if you think wives are brutle the husbands are worse, expesally due to the fact that there is not that many of then so it’s even harder for them to find freinds.

  20. I have had the wonderful chance to meet great people on all sides of the rank chart. I had one experience that sticks with me as an example of don’t judge a book by its cover. While my husband was deployed for a year, I had some rough moments like we all do and by chance I was in the exchange looking around when my husband called. So excited I took the call in the changing room as not to bother others and to have some privacy. When the call was over, I was a little teary eyed, came out of the changing rooms and their stood an older lady holding some tissue for me. We chatted for a while, even headed to the food court and shared some coffee..we talked for HOURS. She was a wonderful fountain of information and it was great to talk to her. She told me her first name but never her last, I didn’t ask. We would bump into each other from time to time, then 2 months after the guys came home it was the Marine Corps Ball.. there she sat, beside her husband smiling with pride.. She was the COLONEL’S WIFE!!! She came over to my table, we laughed at the fact I didn’t know.. we even danced together, had some drinks together.. it was a blast and she is still one of the most kick butt ladies I have ever met! Oh and my hubby is enlisted so, this behavior was a shocker to a lot of people.

  21. My husband is an E-4, and both of my parents are retired military. I’ve hung out with officers’ wives, senior enlisted wives, but my husband cannot do the same because of fraternization. It doesn’t really bother him. I’ve only had one spouse attempt to make me feel inferior because of her rank, but I quickly put her in her place. I can understand military personnel having to follow protocol for risk of fraternization. However, some, not all, but some spouses of officers and senior enlisted personnel seem to equate intelligence, class and respect with rank and, quite frankly, some of these officers’ and senior enlisted wives couldn’t buy class if it were on sale at the Dollar Store. I say, just be yourself. Don’t try to fit in. If they don’t want to be bothered with you, cool. It’s definitely their loss. But don’t let anyone, regardless of their “husband’s” rank make you feel inferior or not worthy because that is certainly not true. Those broads can kick rocks down a never-ending highway.

  22. And please everyone stop saying lower enlisted!!! It is JUNIOR enlisted and SENIOR enlisted (not higher)…I was corrected myself not that long ago for using the “wrong” verbage…what we say has a direct correlation to how we think…subliminal or not.

    I grew up in the “old Army”. My mother, who volunteered a lot, bless her soul, was mentioned on my dad’s Army efficiency report for goodness sakes! We went the O’Club for dinner…there was no community club like today. Things today are MUCH better and more transparent.

    But still…there is a line drawn…and the more rank your servicemember gets, the more you become privy to where that line is…I can talk til I’m blue in the face about making friends where I want to make friends…and I do…but I have been in situations where I have had to hold back and not attend that BBQ or go to the movies or do whatever with someone, because perceptions can slowly erode the cohesiveness of a unit. You DO have to be careful if your DH is in a position of leadership, and the people you want to hang out with are spouses of soldiers in his command. Again, this has just been my own experience.

  23. I’ve read all the different replies to this topic. I find good points in what some of you say and realistically we are all the same. We did not earn our husbands rank, we supported him and stood by him. To think your better then a lower ranking soliders wife is just plain wrong and for majority of us Army Wives you need to remember your husbands started out in this as a lower enlisted soldier. They earned their respect for their rank, not you. My husband is a senior nco but that doesn’t mean I’ve let it go to my head. Matter of fact I hate when we are at a function and they address me as Mrs- I always tell them its just gina please. I’m still the army wife I have always been, my responsiblity as an Army Wife is to not embarass my husband, it is also to help guide those new wives and let them know if they need anything I’m willing to help, regardless of rank. I don’t let any one tell me who I can and can’t allow in my life but I do watch for those who think they can manipulate the work place with knowing my husband. It has happened in the past but I won’t let it change how I associate with any wife.

  24. So you’re basically saying when a soldier is in 6 years and just makes his e5 that it has taken him so long and hes a shitty soldier or what are you implying! You never know other peoples situations how many times someone has pcsed! Or some simply haven’t gotten the chance to deploy as much, I’d rather be 6 years in and know my job than being in 3 years and to get my e5! That’s bullshit! I hate catty spouses!

  25. This is so interesting to me! My husband and I have been married for a little over two years and he has been in the military the entire time. I didn’t know anything about Military life before meeting him. We have never lived on base and I just shopped at the commissary for the first time last week. I’ve heard about this, but didn’t think it was true, I should have known better. I see the officer spouse clubs and stuff like that and thought, why the segregation? Then my husband explained that officers hang out with officers and enlisted hang out with enlisted. I never thought the segregation extended past that and into the enlisted ranks… Now I know better. We’re PCSing for the first time ever and it’s to the UK. I’m excited for the move. I’m also, scared to enter this world. The more I read the more I don’t want to interact with people. It sounds like high school all over.

    • Justine,
      I am in a similar situation. Husband has been in for 3 years and my daughter and I have always lived in our home town. We are finally going to PCS with him too Germany. I love the information I get from the army wife sites and research, but as you, I am nervous to get involved with the drama side. I don’t know the “lingo” and procedures. Im sure I will learn and Im sure its not rocket science. Im looking forward to the new adventure ahead, but nervous for the same reasons you have listed.

  26. Hi ladies. My husband and I were just discussing this. Hes been enlisted for over 3 years now and I have always lived in our home town. So this is all new to me. LOL. We will be PCSing with him to Germany shortly. He and I were discussing me finding a job on post, when he mentioned that the higher your husbands rank, the better chance you are to receive the “better” jobs. Is this true? Any tips for living on post for the first time? Thank you in advance. :)

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    You might add a video or a pic or two to get people interested about what you’ve got to say. Just my opinion, it could bring your posts a little bit more interesting.

  35. This is ridiculous, it’s like : “I can’t hang out with you because my husband is a doctor, and yours is a teacher.”

  36. My husband is civilian contracted and I get none of that military-group type of support/friendship. Its a real shame that people can be so judgmental and shut off. They are the ones losing out. A friend of mine later wound up with a military enlisted man and is constantly talking about his rank. I find it strange to be honest. Like the people who do this use rank to try to validate who they are. To all these ladies who do so, I must say…rank does not make you any better of a person. <3

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