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Are You Properly Washing Your ACU’s?

Disclaimer: We’ve partnered up with Seventh Generation for this post to bring you this great information. Did you read the laundering instructions for your spouse’s Army Combat Uniforms (ACUs)? I didn’t. Furthermore, my husband didn’t share any pointers before I…


#LivingFearless While Stationed Abroad

My husband is a soldier and we were fortunate enough to be stationed in Wiesbaden, Germany for three magical years. Once settled in, I couldn’t wait to explore outside the boundaries of “little America” (aka our military base), and immerse…

Why I Love Being a Milspouse

Why I Love Being a Milspouse

One of the most important life skills one can acquire is accentuating the positive. This is especially true for military spouses on the days when the unique challenges of this lifestyle catch up with us. I asked wives across different…