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A few days ago we celebrated National Women’s Business Day which honors women in the workforce and those who have taken the leap to launch their own business. It’s also a day to collaborate with fellow entrepreneurs and help us expand our networks and our bottom line.

The military lifestyle is one that frequently changes and can make sustaining some businesses and jobs hard at times. We’re all about the digital and remote life here and know that so many spouses are eager to find a way to work from home or start their own small businesses.

Our team is always excited to help military spouses find creative solutions to start their own businesses and give advice on how to find PCS friendly work as a remote freelancer. With that in mind, we’re sharing some of our go-to tips for  getting your milspouse entrepreneurial hustle on.

Truly Evaluate Your Interest

We’ve noticed that many times people will jump into something else they see others do because it looks fun, or they think quick money will follow. It’s really important to analyze your skills, your true interests and really look at the behind the scenes of it all to determine if this is something you can stick with—even when it’s not profitable right away. 

Ask yourself the (3) W’s:

—What is my objective?

— Who am I serving?

— Why am I doing this?

It may sound a bit cliche, but this is the perfect way to start mapping out your business plans and goals.

Your Online Milspouse Entrepreneur Tribe

Staying connected is important  and there are tons of communities inside and outside the military space for those who want to find remote work and start businesses. 

Here are a few:

Military Spouse Entrepreneur Communities on FB

makeHER Milspouse– This is the premiere retreat for milspouse entrepreneurs and creatives. Their FB page and soon to be community are the perfect place to find like-minded milspouse entrepreneurs and read up on entrepreneurial tips.

Military Spouse Entrepreneur Network- This group is powered by makeHER Milspouse and has just launched.

Military Spouse Home Business Network– This group is a great places for MLM and direct sales businesses to get answers and promote their products and services.

Military Spouse Networking– This awesome group led by a milspouse lawyer is unique in that it is open to current and former milspouses. Plus it’s  a great place to network with advanced milspouse entrepreneurs and those who have connections and expertise to share.

Best Milspouse Communities For Remote Work Opportunities and Career Advice

Milspouse Remote Work Collective- This group is awesome for finding PCS friendly opportunities and learning more about how to work from home digitally. Anytime we have posted there, we have received the best help and freelance advice.

Virtual HOH Military Spouse Professional Network– This is the virtual community for the well known Hiring Our Heroes Organization created by the US Chamber of Commerce. Here you can connect with other military members, find job opportunities and take advantage of career workshops.

Important Tools To Run Your Business From The Palm of Your Hand

Social media and easy access play such a huge part in today’s digital and entrepreneurial world. I always joke and say I can run this blog and my other businesses from the palm of my hand. Here are some tools that we think every milspouse entrepreneur should have in their digital arsenal.

Your Phone – Even though this is obvious, we think it’s important to choose the best type of phone that will work for your business. You’ll want to look at things like storage (especially if you will be taking lots of pictures), the specs of the camera, how well the phone syncs with your computer and how well it keeps you connected on the go.

 Now is the time to upgrade. The new iPhone 11 is powered to perform the most demanding tasks, while getting through an entire day on a single charge. Plus, it features a dual camera system with all-new Ultra Wide and Wide angle cameras that produce the highest quality video a smartphone can offer. Simply put, iPhone 11 has a sweet camera that will easily produce amazing photos and videos to drive stellar social content. Ready to upgrade? Right now, T-Mobile customers can get 50% (or more) off a new iPhone – including iPhone 11 – via bill credits with a qualified trade-in.

 Plus, new smartphones (like iPhone 11) will help keep you connected by tapping into the latest network technology. T-Mobile’s network is expanding every day with its most powerful signal that travels farther than ever. With iPhone 11 and T-Mobile you’ll get more coverage, even in those hard-to-reach places like rural areas and deep inside buildings. Making it much easier to stay connected when working remotely.

 Your Military Phone Plan –  

Speaking of T-Mobile, we partnered with them because they offer military, veterans and their families an incredible, money-saving plan, Magenta Military. The first line is only $55 per month with AutoPay (normally $70 on T-Mobile’s popular Magenta plan). If you need more than one line for your growing business or family, the discounts get even better. Just $25 for the second line and $10 per line for lines 3 through 6 with AutoPay. And, monthly taxes and fees are included so the price you see is the price you pay!

 On Magenta Military you get one of the best prices in wireless AND awesome benefits to help run your business like unlimited talk text and high-speed data, unlimited hotspot with 3GB high-speed data per month (perfect for those times you don’t have Wi-Fi), free scam protection to fight unwanted robocalls, and a dedicated Team of Experts. Plus you and your family can also enjoy free Netflix for family plans, weekly free stuff and discounts with T-Mobile Tuesdays, and great travel benefits like a free hour of Gogo in-flight Wi-Fi and unlimited texting on domestic flights, unlimited 2G data and texting in 210+ destinations abroad, and unlimited talk, text and data (with up to 5GB of high-speed data) in Mexico and Canada.

T-Mobile’s made a long term commitment to the military community. From one of the best wireless plans for military families to dedicated military employee programs, it’s no wonder T-Mobile has long been recognized as a supporter of the military community. There’s truly no better time to switch to T-Mobile.  

Canva – This is the end all be all for those of us who need to create social media graphics, use our own fonts and create everything from logos and flyers to business cards.

Google Calendar – This is another end all be all that you need on your phone. In addition to keeping track of every aspect of your life, you can literally hit share and send your calendars to anyone you need to. It also makes setting and tracking appointments super easy.

Trello – Got projects to manage? This is one of the best ways to manage everything in one place, as well as share with your team.

Google Drive – Remember back in the day when you could access your documents and files from your computer. Now everything is on Google Drive. People will be surprised to know that our sold out Milspouse Retreat was built all within Google Drive. And the best part is it’s free!

Mint – You can’t run a business without keeping track of your money. The Mint app lets you do just that and syncs with the most popular money management and tax tools. 


These are just some of the basic tools and tips for the beginner milspouse entrepreneur and be sure to keep an eye on T-Mobile for new deals and promotions! 



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