Yesterday the ladies shared somethings a spouse should know about when PCS’ing with the military to Italy. I picked a few to share with you all here:

1. Cindy P says: It is overwhelming at first, learn the manners of the host country, don’t worry so much about the language barrier so much .To many people will speak English for it to be a real issue. Embrace this chance to learn about new things, it is wonderful! And if you have children encourage them to learn. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

2. Clara C says: I just left Italy. Are you going to Vicenza? You don’t need to bring your washer or dryer. The military will provide you with one rather you live on base housing or on the economy. They have loaner furniture you can use until your household goods get there. They just built a new elementary and middle school in the housing area. There is also a new clinic on base. I was in Italy for 5 years and loved it.

3. Angela from Mommy PR says: I would also say to bring bikes with you and either a kid seat for it or a pull behind. You will be walking a lot or you can bike. The weather is beautiful there!

4. Sarah A. says: If you’ve never lived in Europe before, go into this with an open mind and expect it to be a complete lifestyle change. You’ll embrace everything that’s different much easier if you mentally prepare for it to be a little difficult at first. You will get used to it and before you know it you won’t be able to imagine life any other way. We’ve been in Germany for about 10 months now and I’m honestly a little nervous to go back to the states for the holidays.

5. Wei L says: Get an international cell/triband cell that has been unlocked, you will need a cell there and it is cheaper to get in state. Do visit the thrift shop on base once you get there. There is a lot of appliances and transformer there that are  second hand from those who left and can’t take them back to the states. Lots of great deals. We lived off post because our bah was able to get a much better place the those offered on.

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12 Comments on 5 Things A Spouse Should Know When PCS’ing to Italy!

  1. I lived in Italy 25 years ago. Have a GREAT time. Travel as much as you possibly can. Immerse yourself in the culture. Learn the language. It was the BEST 3 years of my husband’s naval career. And we were in Naples. :)

  2. Hate Italy. We’ve only been here for three months, but it’s been three months from hell. If my soldier isn’t away on deployment, then he/she is away in another part of Europe for training every other month.

    The base sucks. It’s crowded with Italians, and the health care sucks. Parking is impossible to find.

    The Italians are all rude both on and off base. Very few speak any English off base, or at least they pretend not to.

    Everywhere stinks. The bathrooms smell like sewer because the smell comes up thru the toilets no matter what floor you are living on.

    We only get one tiny trashcan empty a week. Everything get recycled and sits in piles or in multiple bins on our patio.

    Driving is stressful. We get honked at three to four times just one way to base. Italians tail you the ENTIRE time.

    I can’t wait to leave this place.

    • Megan… Im not trying to call you out by any means. I also live in Italy, I dont know what part you are in.. Im in Vicenza. I know the first few months are very stressful and can be completely overwhelming. You have to embrace where you are. Might as well if youre going to be here for 3 years. If you are in Vicenza, were pretty lucky actually to have the base that we do. Ive seen others in Italy that are not so great. Youre going to be miserable if you dont step back and realize there are people out there who would love to have this opportunity. Like other replies to this article, it is a complete lifestyle change from what were used to. It will get better, please dont make newcomers have a bad taste in their mouths before they even get to step foot in Italy.

    • I’m with you on that one, hate it! Are you still there? I got here about a month and a half ago and I need friends!

    • You are in a paradise of culture. I was there in the 90’s and I miss it so much. If you have no friends even better, go out and explore. Now I live in the U.S. where it seems like every town is the same. Walmarts, Dollar Store, fast food, corporate culture. yuk

  3. Ashley: I love your comment is dead on right. We are going to Vicenza in July and some comments freak me out! but then I remember other stuff I read about Hawaii that wasn’t truth. I am looking foward to this new adventure and opportunity.

  4. I, my husband and our 3 children were previously stationed in Vicenza, Italy from August 2004-November 2008. My husband just received info from HRC that they are trying to send us back to Vicenza with a report date scheduled for September 2017. When we were there, we loved it. My son was also born there, so it will be quite exciting to take him back, I was just wondering if anyone knows if it has changed much? Thanks in advance for any info

    • Sheena,

      We may be moving there we will hopefully find out tomorrow actually, though my husband is going there as a civilian. I’m nervous, scared and excited knowing this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. We also have 3 children and hope this will be good for them. Can you tell fill me in on the good and bad of Vicenza, and is there a lot of things for my children to do?

  5. I am moving there in September of 2019. I am very scared and not exactly sure what requirements I’m suppose to go through to be put on my husbands orders. I’m freaking out I’m not going to have enough time to finish all these things before we leave. I need some help and advice on what exactly are the requirements to go.

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