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I personally have always down played my role as a military spouse. I mean I haven’t went to war, I have never had to leave my family for extended periods of time, or deal with the mental and physical stress that the military can sometimes place on our soldiers.

However , I have learned that although military spouses never serve in combat we serve in a different capacity. We serve on the home front by taking care of the family, household duties and keeping things together to protect the morale of our soldiers.

Just like our military personnel service members don’t necessarily expect thanks neither do our military spouses but a show of appreciation is always welcome. Below are 5 easy ways to say Thank You in honor of “Military Spouse Appreciation Day”.


Lend a Listening Ear

Many military spouses put on the emotional strong armor. Some of us hold things in order to make it seem like we got it all under control. The truth is sometimes we need someone to talk to and lending a simple listening ear is one of the best gifts and thank you’s you can give.

 A Day To Herself

Being a mother or father doesn’t make anyone more special than the other , but being a mom (which has challenges of it’s own) and dealing with the stress of a deployment can be tough. A great way of saying Thank You is offering a mil spouse a few hours of babysitting time . Everyone needs some alone time just to breathe or get a cup of coffee.

A Special Gift

Who doesn’t like gifts? Say thank you by creating a small gift basket full of a mil spouse’s favorite goodies or a bottle of her favorite wine and some spa essentials.

Send Something Handwritten

In an age of fast moving technology we sometimes get caught up in quick ways of communicating like Facebook messages and email. Try sending a nice card or a special letter written on some fun stationary. There is nothing like snail mail and something you can actually have as a keepsake.

Say Thank You

At the end of the day a simple Thank You is worth a thousand words. It is nice to just hear it sometimes.

Check out some of the great things AT&T is doing for military personnel here.



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167 Comments on 5 Ways To Show Your Appreciation For A Military Spouse + AT&T Ipad Mini Gift Basket Giveaway

  1. Just being there to listen to, leand a hand with household or kids, or a shoulder to cry on if needed

  2. I say just be a friend. When my husband was deployed and I was left without family and just lost my job with 2 small boys I needed friends the most. Unfortunately it made me realize who those true friends were but sometimes I just needed an ear to listen or shoulder to cry on.

  3. Thank you to my husband for serving. I don’t think I could have done this hard job without the support of other wives and my family.

  4. Just wanted to THANKS big time to each an every military spouse I have the pleasure to meet in this 14 years. Because of them I have learned so much and become the ARMY spouse i am today. Thank you ladies!!!!!

  5. By being there for her and being a helping hand. Small things can go a long way. Offer to babysit her kids so she could go on a date with her husband or invite her out for a girls trip, spa day, fun day at the park/zoo with the kids, etc..

  6. I think its nice when the service member thanks their spouse for their support, acknowledging that we go through tough times too

  7. This would be great to win. Im a nurse and a army wife… would be great when I am with my patients!

  8. I agree that snail mail is a great way. My dad is not tecnologically inclined, so he always sends cards and letters with updates and prayer for safety for all of us.
    I also sent some stuff to my husband’s current unit while deployed and received a thank you card in the mail from his commander. I wasn’t expecting it, so it was definitely a nice surprise.

  9. I think just being a friend and being there. I dont know how many times my friends saved me from going insane during a deployment.

  10. I would like to say thank you to all the military spouses that are always there to answer questions whatever you need advise to get through deployments and everyday situations.

  11. By being a constant in their lives. The military life is full of “friends” that come and go. It’s always nice to have someone who is always there either in person or by phone.

  12. Having someone to just listen to all our babble, fears and worries mean the world when we feel as though our world has been turned upside down. That person is now my best friend although now a few thousand miles away.

  13. I have had the honor of becoming friends with some absolutely amazing spouses in the last 8 years. There is no way I could have gone through my husband’s deployments, pcsing, and the death of a child while being a million miles away from my family without them! And I am so honored and proud to be married to a man who has served with integrity, morals, and selflessness!

  14. You are awesome… this site is one of the best ive seen for military spouses! Keep it up!

  15. Invite them to dinner. Sometimes when you work and take care of the kids while they are away its nice when someone else cooks dinner for a change.

  16. Always lend a helping hand and ear. Every body’s stituation is different and everyone can use a friend no matter how old.

  17. I agree with all five ways to show being thankful! With that id like to add something the army makes me thankful for and what I feel would be a great gift to ourselves when our spouses are away! Im so thankful that while my husband was away I found my individual strength and identity! I think what I’ve learned is what I try to share with others who go through simular situations! It is a hard time for us all, but if we focus our energy on what we have and what we can control then we learn a lot more about who we really are and what potential we have inside!! Staying strong is one thing but becoming stronger is what will push us to become someone we never knew we could be!! I’m thankful for every new lesson I learn and the people who stop to help us learn them along the way!! So thank you!!

  18. In marrying a soldier never did it cross my mind all the challenges a military wife faces. But I could’ve never surpassed any obstacle without realizing that my husband had an even tougher job than I did. He was putting his life on the line each and everyday during his deployments; leaving his family behind, missing out on his baby’s first steps, words, birthday etc. I am a strong army wife because of my soldier!

  19. I think just going for a visit means a lot. Especially if they have no family members in the area taking that time to connect can make a big difference.

  20. No matter the branch of service, or how long or if our spouse deploys, being in the military takes a lot of sacrifice of everyone involved. Appreciate everyone!

  21. Just being there. It can be hard being away from friends and family so having a good support system is key.

  22. As a mil spouse of over 10 years i know how important saying thanks is. Pay it forward by a smile in the parking lot, a hello on the sidewalk, a home cooked meal for a new neighbor or an hour of baby sitting on the weekend. Every little gesture means a lot.

  23. Having a good support system of family and friends gets me through my darkest and lonely times of military activation. I’m lucky to have such great support when my husband can’t be home with his family!

  24. I think being a good support for a fellow spouse is very important. Especially if they are new to the military life, new to a post, have their husband deployed or even away at school. Lending an ear or a helping hand goes a long way.

  25. Our husband have a tuff job to provide for their families.. But also do the spouses, as being a stay home mom of 3 I get stressed out with children, bills, dinners, and cleanness.. Sometimes all a spouse want is a simple thank you to feel appreciated for our hard work too.

  26. What can i say, im so thankfull to my husband for all that he has done for us like a family. He join the army 6 years ago, we were living in a house with out water and light with almost no money just most of the time just depending on what the wic gave us to eat because i was pregnant was not working and in he’s job they cut the hour’s by just 15 hrs a week. It was really hard on us our family couldn’t help us a lot. So he join the army knowing no english (and it was something he always dream of doing) it was really hard he spent 6 months in tx in English school he didn’t get to see her baby be born he meat her when she was 1month 1/2 then came basic and ait. It was hard because of the language barriers he had to go tru and the change os place moving etc…. Im just so proud and honor to have a brave, responsible and loving man by my side :)

  27. As my friends pcs from base to base, all over the world, I try and get their address ASAP. When you are in a new place, you miss your friends more than ever! I try to send a card or a little goody bag to ease the pcs blues!

  28. A phone call to say hello, how are you, etc., or a letter/card to a spouse just to say hi always means a lot. It tells a spouse that they aren’t alone…friends and family, even miles/oceans away, are there for them. I know it has helped me:)

  29. Saying thank you goes a long way. Showing your appreciation anyway you can. Whether it sending a special message, helping a spouse with the kids and house,anything is much appreciated.

  30. Just listen. Sometimes us wives just want to vent. Be a true friend, no gossip, no judgement, military spouses are a special breed. Very strong bred, be a good friend.

  31. Just being appreciated and a thank you would suffice for me, anything extra would be an awesome bonus!

  32. one way you can thank a military spouse is to buy their lunch. I remember one day I was at the drive threw and the person had seen the purple heart license plate in their rear view. When i went up to pay for my food they told me the person who was in front of me had paid for my meal and told them to tell me that it takes a strong women to be a soldiers wife and thank you for my service. That was one of the most sweetest things that has ever happened to me.

  33. The best way would be to be nonjudgmental and to offer your sincere support for what ever they need.

  34. I sometimes don’t feel like as a spouse I deserve the recognition since my husband is the one who signed his name on the line. This kind of recognition is so wonderful to see though. I love being a military wife. :)

  35. These are wonderful ways to say thank you! I love my son with all my heart, but being a mother, there is nothing I appreciate more than a little peace and quiet time to myself once in a while

  36. How sweet I would love this I think the only way to thank a military wife is when your husband notices what you do

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