This post features healthy, fun ideas for the whole family, inspired and sponsored by our friends at Promix Nutrition. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Hooray! The end of the school year is here, and summer is kicking off! If your summer vacation plans were altered this year, we want you to know that it doesn’t spell the end of fun. Here are fun staycation ideas to enjoy with your military family, all from the comfort of your own home.

7 Ways To Have Fun When Vacationing at Home

  • Backyard campouts. Step out of your house and into the adventure of your backyard. Grab your tent, sleeping bags, flashlights, pillows, and be ready for a fun evening! If it’s hot, use an extension cord and plug in a vacillating fan for your tent. Enjoy activities like a night time walk through your neighborhood, enjoy some tasty carob Tigey Bars with a delicious milk chocolate taste and no added sugar, listen for the sounds of nighttime animals, and — for the brave — tell your favorite ghost stories.
  • Water fun. Splish and splash while keeping your cool. Ideas for a water-themed fun day include a pool (inflatable works great), running through the sprinkler, or a slip ‘n slide. Don’t forget water balloons, water guns, cold drinks and popsicles to beat the heat.
  • Pillow forts. This classic can be done day or night (if you want to have a pajama day, for example). Just as you did as a child, grab pillows, blankets, dining room chairs, sleeping bags, couch cushions, and favorite stuffed animals to build a fort together. From there, you can curl up and read books, play, or watch a favorite movie.
  • Movie nights. Give each family member the opportunity to select a movie, a beverage, and a snack, such as Promix’s Kid’s Protein Puff Bars! They are sweet treats that are as nutritious as they are tasty, and in perfect single servings (with no spill over from that popcorn bowl). Take turns and rotate with who is in charge of the film selection and menu. Another idea is to either do a double or triple header of movies in a series, or watch them on a designated night each week (Movie Monday, anyone?). Don’t forget to curl up, silence your phone, and pass the popcorn!
  • Spa/makeover day. Pampering is fun and necessary. Plan relaxing activities, such as calming music, face masks (cucumber slices for bonus), hot baths, aroma therapy from oils or candles, foot soaks, massages, nails (paint or press on), hair brushing and hair styles, scented lotions, and chilled infused water (cucumber lime, or strawberry and kiwi, for example). Afterward, be each other’s stylist! Take a before picture, and let your kids pick an outfit for you, apply your makeup (be ready for hilarious results), and style your hair. They will probably be thrilled that you are sharing your products and allowing them to try some as well. Don’t forget your after photos!
  • Scavenger hunt. Plan a scavenger hunt around your neighborhood, and either print a list to check off, make it a bingo game, or take photos of each found item with your camera. This gets you out of the house and helps your children’s observational skills. They can help create the list. Search for a blue house, a red car, someone walking a dog, a dandelion, a manhole cover, a house with a flag out front, etc. Be creative! 
  • Fitness/field day. Encourage your family to get up, get moving, and be active! Set up physical challenges in your yard for races, tug of war, feats of strength, throwing and catching, ball/bean bag tosses, and obstacle courses.You can use the stopwatch timer on your phone to time how fast it takes for someone to run around the perimeter of the house, or complete an obstacle course. Be sure to hydrate, and fuel your family up with healthy snacks. Promix Kids snacks provide balanced nutrition, are gluten free with simple ingredients, and great taste, all at a 10% military discount. Their Tigey Bars are made of carob with no added sugar and come with an adorable Tigey coloring page, and delicious Protein Puff Bars in Vanilla Chocolate Chip and Snickerdoodle have 10 grams of complete protein, are made in a peanut-free facility, and taste just like a traditional marshmallow treat! Promix will fuel your kids, and you can feel good about the short ingredient list. 

A Healthy Summer With a Military Discount

You know what can mess up your staycation fun? Kids who are constantly complaining that they are hungry, or worse — kids who are sugared up on junk food. Use your 10% military discount and give Promix Kids a try. Relax knowing they are eating well with a product that’s made in the USA, GMP Certified, and Third Party safety tested. Your kids can play hard with the fuel and stamina needed to truly enjoy their summer.



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