Get lost in a great story, learn something new or engage a (maybe secret?) passion! Find exactly what you’re looking for with a great podcast – or two.

The military spouse hive mind has come together to recommend amazing podcasts that you’re sure to love.

70+ Podcasts Real Military Spouses Absolutely Love

Whether you’re looking for something inspirational or motivational, true crime related or from a parenting guru, there is a podcast for you! Military spouses love listening to all of these podcasts to educate themselves and follow their passions. Plus, podcasts are great ways to take your mind off of things, whether you’re sweating through a tough workout or trying to fill hours during a PCS road trip.

Inspirational & Spiritual Podcasts

  • RISE Together with Rachel & Dave Hollis: from the author of Girl, Wash Your Face comes a podcast about life, love, faith and success
  • 4 Things with Amy Brown: learn four new ways to practice holistic wellness and create an attitude of gratitude from Amy, a busy mom of recently internationally adopted children
  • Miracle Morning: successful business leader Hal Elrod shares his insights and tips to make every day successful from the moment you open your eyes
  • Lazy Genius: host Kendra shares her hard-earned insights and life hacks to make everything easier, from laundry and cleaning to working from home and adulting
  • Inside of You: celebrities share their insecurities, fears and basic humanity with host Michael Rossenbaum
  • Snap Judgement: a blend of storytelling layered over inventive beats makes for creative and dramatic listening
  • Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations: sit down with Oprah and one of her guests for an insightful conversation that’ll make you think about life

Podcasts About Life & Living:

  • Selected Shorts: short stories from emerging and established writers read out loud for your enjoyment
  • This American Life: a public radio program and podcast that shares stories that focus on a central theme
  • Reply All: essentially, it’s a podcast about the internet and our interconnected, virtual society
  • Dr. Laura – Call of the Day: relationship guru Dr. Laura shares the top call of her day, giving advice that applies to all romantic relationships

Religious Podcasts

  • White Horse Inn: discover why you believe what you believe as a Christian through conversational theology
  • Theology Gals: three women discuss reformed Christianity and what it means to be Christian in the modern world
  • The Bible Binge: use pop culture to better understand the Bible and Biblical living
  • Better Than Happy with Jody Moore: coaching and daily living inspiration with an LDS lens

Podcasts About Health & Wellness

  • ZDogg MD: Dr. Zubin Damania gets really honest about healthcare concerns and the US medical system
  • The Cabral Concept: a wellness podcast with Dr. Stephen Cabral designed to help listeners lose weight and learn the secrets to age more gracefully
  • The Hilarious World of Depression: make light of depression in a productive way with insights from notable guests who share their stories about surviving and thriving through mental illness
  • Happier with Gretchen Rubin: an honest conversation about what makes us happy and how to cultivate a happier life
  • How Did We Get Here: follow one couple’s journey from their infertility struggles to intentional childfree living
  • Sawbones: a medical history podcast that is not for the faint of heart!
  • This Podcast Will Kill You: discover the disgusting world poop and pus from Erin and Erin – it might just save your life
  • Actually You Are A Real Runner: a podcast about running and owning your fitness for women

Podcasts for Entrepreneurs:

  • How I Built This with Guy Raz: get the inside scoop on how some of today’s most successful companies got started and made it big
  • Powerhouse Women: learn how to focus on your big business dreams and connect with like-minded women
  • Ed Mylett: transform your business with insightful conversations about mindset and overcoming obstacles
  • MFCEO Project: business basics and mindset shifts that will help entrepreneurs level up their business
  • The Charlie Rocket Show: inspirational advice about business, success and life from Charlie Jabaley

Podcasts for Learning:

  • Brain Candy Podcast: indulge your brainy side with a touch of pop culture as hosts Susie Meister and Sarah Rice discuss everything from literature to reality TV
  • Should This Exist?: examine the effects that technology and inventions have had on humanity, for better or worse
  • Stuff You Should Know: learn about everything under the sun, including the actual sun, in an investigative, education podcast that clarifies the mysteries of the universe
  • Stuff You Missed in History Class: deep dive historical stories with hosts Tracy V. Wilson and Holly Frey
  • The Dollop: a bi-weekly American history podcast where Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds examine interesting events with humor, sarcasm and cynicism
  • The Dream: learn about the world of MLMs and pyramid scheme business models in this podcast about a controversial topic
  • The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe: a short-format podcast the looks at well-known people and events from a different angle
  • Hidden Brain: understand the unconscious patterns that govern human behavior and societal norms
  • Young House Love Has a Podcast: learn about DIY home renovation and decoration from two experts

Podcasts for Parents:

  • The Purpose Show: a podcast for busy moms who want to be intentional in their parenting practices
  • The Real Life Podcast: a mixture of faith, marriage and parenting in today’s busy, modern world
  • Risen Motherhood: a Christian-centered parenting podcast that casts a Biblical lens on common parenting struggles
  • The Longest Shortest Time: moments from the parenting journey and what it’s really like to raise kids
  • The Pump & Dump Show: a hilarious blend of comedy and actual parenting stories – sharing compassion and validation for tired moms everywhere
  • Don’t Mom Alone: a faith-based, community-building podcast to encourage and uplift moms
  • A Delectable Education: three educators and moms share insights into the Charlotte Mason method of educating the whole child

True Crime Podcasts:

  • My Favorite Murder: Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark share interesting and captivating murders with a dash of humor and lots of personality
  • True Crime Obsessed: from murder to missing persons, white collar crime to cults, Gillian and Patrick cover everything true crime related with a little bit of humor mixed in
  • Crime Junkie: Ashley shares her latest crime obsession with listeners weekly, covering everything and anything in the world of crime
  • Undisclosed: investigate wrongful convictions and the US criminal justice system by looking at every aspect of a crime, from its commitment to the prosecution of a case in court
  • Over My Dead Body: a true crime serial podcast that dives deep into the story of two successful married attorneys, Dan and Wendi, and their relationship that goes from true love to murder
  • Dirty John: a successful businesswoman falls deeply in love with a handsome doctor, but all is not as it seems
  • Serial: now on its third season, season 1 and 2 examined the murder of Hae Min Lee and the Bowe Bergdahl case respectively; season 3 tracks cases through a Cleveland, OH courthouse over the course of a year
  • S-Town: John is unhappy and disenchanted with his small southern town, but things get complicated when he asks a reporter to investigate the son of a local bigwig for murder
  • In The Dark: season one looked at how police mishandled the Jacob Wetterling case; season 2 investigates how Curtis Flowers has been tried and convicted for the same crime six times, despite maintaining his innocence
  • Dr. Death: Dr. Duntsch seriously injured 33 of 38 patients and killed two other patients – so why was he allowed to continue operating?
  • Up and Vanished: over 10 years ago, teacher Tara Grinstead vanished into thin air and was presumed murdered; now, Payne Lindsay investigates the case and suspects
  • Someone Knows Something: over multiple season, host David Ridgen investigates unsolved murders and mysteries
  • Cold: an investigation into the Susan Powell disappearance and murder – a cold case that involves domestic violence
  • Small Town Murder: two comedians look at murder in a small town and what makes the community tick

Celebrity Hosted Podcasts:

  • Armchair Expert: Dax Sheppard hosts an insightful podcast about the messiness of being human, with lots of help from celebrity guests
  • Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness: your fave Queer Eye beauty guru shares his weekly curiosity-inspiring obsessions
  • Dear Hank and John: brothers Hank and John Green (yes, THAT John Green) answer listener questions and give advice
  • Dave Ramsey: learn the secrets to a sustainable wealth-building, debt-free lifestyle from everyone’s favorite financial guru
  • Whine Down with Jana Kramer: decompress at the end of a long day with advice and life-stories from multi-talented Jana
  • Off the Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe: dive into celebrity interviews and chats in a space where everyone feels free to be themselves

News & Political Podcasts:

  • POD Save America: liberal-leaning news and political podcast that dissects current events weekly, sharing how listeners can help and act, hosted by Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, Dan Pfieffer and Tommy Vietor
  • Skimm This: a daily 10-minute news podcast that shares four important stories that impact millennial women

Feels Like Your Friends Podcasts:

  • You Can Sip with Us: grab a beverage and join Ashlie and Colleen for a lighthearted conversation about their lives, favorite products, entertainment news and advice
  • At Home with Sally Clarkson: a faith-based conversation about what it means to be a woman, a mother and a Christian person in the world
  • Call Her Daddy: follow 20something vlogger Amanda and her friends on her adventures in NYC, covering sex, parties, work and life
  • Chatty Broads: Bekah and Jess share their opinions and takes on everything from breastfeeding to the Bachelorette
  • HeyFrase: Sarah Fraser and A.J. talk about pop culture and societal issues important to millennial women
  • The Popcast: an unfiltered pop culture podcast filled with snark and humor
  • What Should I Read Next?: listen to voracious reader Anne as she shares her picks for your next great read
  • Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey: every week, Jamie invites a friend over to talk about life, love and everything in between
  • My Dad Wrote a Porno: every week, host Jamie Morton with friends James Cooper and Alice Levine, read a chapter from a dirty book Jamie’s dad actually wrote

Got a favorite podcast? Don’t keep it a secret – share it with us!



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