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It looks like us Army Wives fans are in for some major changes when the 7th season of the show comes back later this year.

First we learned that singer/actress Ashanti , Torrey Devitto of Vampire Diaries, and Elle McLemore who starred in Bring It On (on Broadway) will join the series as regulars.

Then I shared a spoiler about the fate of one of the cast members in addition to Roxy now becoming a recurring character.

The Hollywood Reporter is now reporting that actor Emmy nominated actor Jesse McCartney of All My Children and Summerland will star on Army Wives for 11 episodes and play a young private on his first deployment who is married to Elle McLemore’s character.

I am guessing the entire direction of the show is changing and should make for an interesting plot. It seems more realistic to phase out a portion of the cast on Army Wives since in reality everyone moves from a military base at some point.

What do you think of the new cast addition?



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4 Comments on All My Children and Summerland Star Jesse McCartney Joins The Cast of Army Wives

  1. I hope this upcoming season is as good as the others. With them possibly killing CJ and Roxy and Pamela leaving, there’s not much left to do to keep the audience watching each week.
    BTW does anyone know when the new season starts?

  2. I’m excited but nervous to see the new season. I’ve been a fan since the beginning & I was really let down by last season. It was too unrealistic – too overly dramatic like a ridiculous soap opera. Hoping they turn it around this season & that we can keep watching it for many seasons to come.

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