The video below is a continuation of the discussion about things we do on homecoming day on the AW101 Facebook Fan Page.



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11 Comments on Army Wife 101: Homecoming Day

  1. Great video! It's funny, I used to BE the soldier, and even now after a few deployments as the wife, it still takes getting used to. I never gave the spouses enough credit until I was no longer a soldier! Thanks for what you do!

  2. Thanks so much Kiki!

    Feel free to stop by and share your input anytime. I would love to hear from someone who has been on both sides of this life.


  3. Loved the video! :) LOL Thanks for sharing… we are 8 months in, almost 9… Can't wait till that special day! You are a great morale booster by the way! Awesome FB page ;) Take care.

  4. Love the video – thank you! Any advice for those of us whose husbands are individual augmentees who are coming home? There is ZERO fanfare for my husband (no unit, etc.) – it's just going to be me (and hopefully the kids) picking him up at the regular airport. BTW, I ordered our buildasign banners (thanks for the tip!).

  5. Thanks so much everyone…please forgive me on my late response. The site was being redone so I hadn’t had a chance to comment.

    @Thomas & Aimee Thank you so much for stopping by . We will countdown together on here lol! I am glad we can help keep each other boosted.

    @April I would celebrate just as I would an r&r …meet him at the airport…banner in hand and go to the USO so that you can meet him at the gate :)

  6. Thanks so much Kiki!Feel free to stop by and share your input anytime. I would love to hear from someone who has been on both sides of this life.ThanksKrystel

  7. I love the video. I find it cool you were at hunter aaf because thats where we are stationed now. We are two months away from his homecoming. Its the first time we’ve dealt with an overseas thing so we both cant wait. Thanks for the video. :)

  8. thank you soo much for the post :) my husband is coming home for midtour in feb…then is finally back next sept?…but im getting goosebumps just thinking about midtour…lol

  9. I am a Recruiter wife and i must say no one talks about it much with the divorce rate being so high, the on going suicide that’s been going on. My husband has been a Recruiter for the past 9 yrs. it has really been a struggle , there’s no Army post, it’s hard on the family. I just wanted to share this . I would like to hear from military wifes and wonder if they are going through the same thing.

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