This is just an experiment !
With a program from my G1 phone called Qik I can livestream from wherever I am in the world if there is cell phone service. Today I am being a good little Army wife and braving the cold harsh world ok warm harsh world cause I’m in Hawaii hehe and heading out to the Pacific Ocean with my children (who are on spring break) on a Whale Watching Cruise.

Hopefully if everything pans out right you will be able to watch me live from right here at Army Wife 101.
If it does not work live from here then click below:

Watch Army Wife 101 Live Here

Keep in mind that I live in Hawaii and if your on the East Coast I am 6 hours behind you if your anywhere else in the world use this Time Clock to figure out my time zone in relation to yours. I will start streaming on and off at 9:30AM Hawaiian Time.

Hooah & Smooches



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