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If some of you don’t know Army Wife 101 has what I affectionately titled “The DFAC”. You can also look at the categories on the left side of this blog and find it. This is a separate blog which displays different recipes I make on video and recipes that “Ask Rell” displays on her blog also. I hope you enjoy them.

Their are different variations of this dip, feel free to share how you like yours in the comments section below.

Here’s one I made last night:



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3 Comments on How To Make Sausage Con Queso Dip aka Rotel

  1. Hey Army Wife 101,I actually just made that dip lastnight.I love it:)However,I make mines with cream cheese, Jimmy Dean mild sausage,and rotel tomatoes…delicious!:)I too eat mines with the “Tostitos Scoops”:)

  2. This dip is a must make at every family function my 5 yr old even requested it for his last birthday party lol. We make is pretty similar to you except we don’t use rotel, we have a HUGE crock pot that I put cooked mild sausage (so the kids can eat it to) 2 big blocks of off brand Velveeta (we use the Aldi brand and no one can tell the difference in taste or creaminess) and the large plastic jar of Pace Medium (just a hint of hotness but not to bad for the kids) and it takes about 30 mins or so to melt in the crock pot and there is never any left lol.

    My sister makes “vomit” dip using the hottest rotel and cream cheese

    And my moms makes an amazing raspberry cream cheese spread using raspberry jalapeno jam and cream cheese.

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