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I’m late but a few months back I shared an incident that took place with actress Kim Delaney star of the hit TV show “Army Wives” as she delivered (incoherently) a speech at the Liberty Medal Award presentation last September. Ms. Delaney is now speaking out on the incident and recently told Entertainment Weekly:

“I wasn’t feeling great [and] there were technical problems,” Delaney explains of her performance at the event. “I was prepared, but it didn’t come out that way.

It was like the perfect storm for something to go wrong. And then it goes viral! There’s just nothing you can do [but] deal with it, right?”

I won’t judge because Alcoholism is one hell of a disease but I will say I highly doubt that incident was from tech glitches nor had she attended a military funeral before , of which she made reference to in her speech. What she was referring to is the funeral of Denise’s son Jeremy on the show Army Wives.

You be the judge!

Either way I’m still #TeamClaudiaJoy all the way :)

Was this a mere teleprompter tech glitch or was someone smashing the bottle just a bit to hard?



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7 Comments on Claudia Joy *Ahem* I Mean Kim Delaney Talks About Her Infamous Bizzare Speech Incident

  1. Technical difficulties are the mic not working, lights not working, sound system going in and out…..acting drunk and slurring your words are NOT technical difficulties!

  2. i had not seen that! my goodness that is so sad. i was hoping it was technical problems maybe the thing tha tth espeech is on was slow for some reason? but, the way she looks? look at her hair! i just think it is extremly sad and i hope if she does have a problen that she can get help for it. she is an amazing actress!

  3. She’s an actress and the character she plays as Claudia Joy is not a real person unfortunately. It is a bummer that the real person playing the character may be a little too alcoholic, but I don’t judge her just because she can’t be the perfect woman she plays on TV. I mean, I’m not an alcoholic or drug addict and I could never fit in Claudia Joy’s shoes (is there anyone who could??). I’ll ALWAYS be a Claudia Joy fan no matter how stupid the actress gets!!!

  4. We love Kim Delaney, very sorry for her problems, hope she gets help. Kim Delaney is a Great Actress, loved her on NYPD & loving her on Army Wifes.
    Take Care Kim We love You!! Yvonne

  5. Someone had to have known she was not at her best. My heart goes out to her she should not have been able to go to the mic. there is a crew of people that get paid very good money just so this thing would not happen, and yet she was allowed to go to speak. We have stars who are know abusers one young woman who has been in and out of the courts another man who has the same thing in and out of courts rehabs and we, laugh poke fun and pay them more money as we applaud and egg them on, and then this, again she should have never been taken to the stage to speak, this should have been protected from all of this who was in charge of this event, shame on you!

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