I feel like such a real blogger reporting this because normally bloggers are known for reporting inaccurate or information that hasn’t been confirmed yet.

In this case I haven’t spoken to any executives or no one officially connected with the show but I just had to report this to you.

 TV Line’s Michael Ausiello reports that Claudia Joy (played by actress Kim Delaney) will not be returning to the show and will be killed off in the Season 7 Premiere episode. Honestly I saw this coming a mile away but to hear it kinda hurts! Now we know what that phone call Michael answered in the Season 6 Finale was about.

In addition there is a complete new spin as far as the cast and storylines including a bad new female soldier in the Airborne Division who is also part of a dual military marriage.

You can read the rest of the spoilers by clicking here.




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8 Comments on Spoiler Alert…GASP! Guess Whose Getting Killed off the Season 7 Premiere of Army Wives…Plus More Spoilers!

  1. Aww, I will miss her character, but I just hope the new characters can keep me intrigued. So far I have really enjoy this show.

  2. I’ll certainly miss Claudia Joy and Roxy :( I was so sad when Trevor and Roxy actually pulled away leaving post. For me, I feel like we’ve watched this show for years and have connected with these characters as if they are real military families. I even got my husband hooked on the show last season after he came home from being deployed. I just read this post and went and read the spoilers and then I asked my husband if he wanted me to tell him the spoilers and he casually said “no” as if he didn’t care…..5 seconds later he said “yes…tell me!!” lol I love this show. I can’t wait for the next season to start!! The end of last season was such a cliff hanger, it drove me nuts for weeks wondering about next season and what happened. ps. I love your blog; I’ve been coming here since I came across your blog looking for information on pcs’ing to Hawaii! :)

  3. Lol. I don’t know why I did it. But I HAD to read this. Grr but I guess we sort of knew it was well on its way. I still can’t wait tho!!

  4. I’m kinda sad that she will be killed off, but we kinda knew it was gonna happen. She was gone on that trip with the First Lady so long, I forgot she was apart of the show. Sometimes we like things to stay the same so no one wants any of the old characters to go, but hopefully it’ll be all for the better. I felt like they were running out of scenarios with the same cast. So cheers to the new faces!

  5. Yeah, kind of saw that coming. BUT – it is about time they killed off SOMEONE – after all, if you have read the book that this series was based upon, ALL but one of the main characters was either killed or the victim of a serious tragedy. I hated the book.

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