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As an older, more experienced military spouse, I find myself struggling to find a way to connect with newer, younger military spouses. Yes, I’m on other social media sites. I’m a member of a lot of spouse groups on Facebook, but that doesn’t give me the opportunity to share experiences with them. Those groups are full of “for sale” posts, housing inquiries, and at times complaints.

Of course, those questions and complaints are usually valid, but the community building that we desire isn’t there. Which is why I was really excited to try the “Start Strong, Stay Strong” platform through P&G. This online community is a great place to connect, away from the potential drama that sometimes happens on other social media platforms.

It has all the things military families are looking for, all in one place, and all free.

·       A designated marketplace

·       Services that you may need or are offering

·       Events, on and off the installation

·       Things to do nearby

·       Deals and coupons

·       Groups to join

·       Stories to share

With PCS season right around the corner, this is the perfect time to make connections with other military families at your new duty station. And this platform is very easy to use. Let’s look at some examples of ways I specifically used this site.

1.    Hotel – Finding the right hotel to stay at when house hunting is hard! Staying on the installation is an option, but the facilities usually can’t compete with bigger name hotels. You also don’t know the area, so you aren’t sure which hotel is close to a grocery store or which one is in a safe area. Read what other families have said about the hotels nearby and pick one that fits your needs.

2.    Jobs – Do you provide a service? Moving can put a cramp in that business, but with the Services tab on this site, you can set up your business and watch it grow. Connect with other military families who need your service, or who have one to offer and start building relationships.

3.    Groups – Moving is intimidating, and frustrating when you have to make friends all over again. By joining one of the groups in your area, you can start making connections before you arrive. Set your kids up with a playdate at the local park and meet some other parents at the same time. Or set up a co-working date at the local coffee shop for some like-minded and professional interaction. Can’t find a group that has what you need? Start your own!

4.    Share– Operation Homefront has shared some wonderful and inspirational stories on this site’s blog. Read about how one military spouse is pursuing education while her spouse serves. And how military kids met a former NFL star in Korea. Operation Homefront and P&G want to support military parents in all walks of life.

5.    Things to Do–I love this part of the site, where I can view upcoming events and activities. As soon as I get someplace new I want to get out and explore, especially if my stuff has not yet arrived. And not only do I want to know what is available, I want to know what to expect. So by viewing events posted by other military spouses in the area, I know I can get the information I need.

Are you relocating this year? Or have you been at your duty station for awhile and have some great information to share with newcomers. Either way, the “Start Strong, Stay Strong” platform is the place to be. We’ll connect with you there!



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