Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Shespeaks/Walmart.

In the past few weeks I’ve talked a lot about how I absolutely despise having to physically go into any store to do any kind of shopping. Walmart Grocery online has been my best friend for grocery shopping lately, and now they’ve partnered up with P&G to help you and me #AvoidTheOops What Is AvoidTheOops?

AvoidTheOops helps you to stay stocked up on household essentials like detergents, paper towels, soaps, dish cleaner, housecleaner, and more.

Truthfully I feel like AvoidTheOops is for people like me who will go to the grocery store for paper towels and come home with everything else except the paper towels.

Because it’s the Summer we are going through more laundry, soap, and with the kids friends coming over more napkins and paper towels. I have been known to start running the water for the laundry and then have to stop to run and get detergent, or load the dishwasher and realize my kids kept the empty bottle of dish detergent.

And while I don’t have small kids I know my military friends with little ones in diapers will appreciate the fact that you can “really avoid the oops” and stock up on wipes and diapers.

The great part is that when you order your products online from Walmart you get free shipping when you spend $50 or more and everything is delivered to your door. If you are like me I hated having to carry in a bunch of stuff when hubby was deployed so this is a huge help.

Click here to #AvoidTheOops and leave a comment below telling me about your oops moment? Learn more about #AvoidTheOops at:



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