I try to err on the side of caution, so as not to post things that will offend others or cause to much of a debate. With that said, being the Youtube addict that I am I often find interesting videos that I think bring up great questions. We all know the “cheating” topic often comes up during deployments.

Case in point would be this video below where a soldier happens to catch his best friends wife ( a military spouse) in Walmart with another man with her kids in tow.


If you saw a friends spouse in a store with another man or woman, would you record it and show it to your friend? Would you confront your friend’s significant other?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

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20 Comments on Cheating Military Wife Caught In Walmart…Would You Tell?

  1. I believe that people can be friends and go shopping, ect. But I do believe this was an act of cheating based upon the reaction of the male and female, and THAT is completely uncalled for and inappropriate. I’m sorry that this was happening to a fellow soldier.

  2. I would tell. I don’t know if I would record it but I would definatly tell my friend. To me one of the worst things you can do is cheat on your spouse while they are deployed. They do not chose to deploy (usually). You married into the career field. If you did not think you would be able to handle being apart from your spouse without cheating you should never have gotten married. And if you do cheat, whether you get caught or not, you deserve what ever hell rains down on you!!

  3. This is a very sticky situation, Depending on your relation to it … If your best friends girl is cheating.. I say make the video… anything you do in public… you have to know will get out…and if you dont love someone anymore…let it go… why hold on to something thats clearly over? With all that said I also thing it would be wise to consider what the soldier that is deployed is going thru.. with all the stress, and added pressures of being away from everything you know, he/she may not react well…. If you think they are capable of accepting it and you have the SOLID proof… I say go for it, But be careful…like they say “No good deed goes unpuinshed”

  4. Frankly I wouldn’t record it, why-because if my friend was really that great of a friend, they would know I wouldn’t make this kind of thing up. That isn’t funny. I might say hello, and see the response, because what if my aassumptions were, oh man with another guy, must be bad and then the wife turns around and says, “Meet my nephew/brother/cousin/etc” I would feel like an ass. I think it is completely possible for men and women to be friends too. Problem being you both have to have the maturity level to be nothing BUT friends and leave it at that. Was the guy who made the video wrong? No, his heart was in the right place, trying to look out for his friend. But I don’t think causing a scene in Wal-Mart would make anything better. To add, I think these guys look pretty young and though I am not saying a marriage won’t survive young love, but I have seen more young marriages fail than when the bride and groom were older and had their own fun before marriage. Either way, sad for everyone involved.

  5. Yes i would tell…if it was my best friends’ spouse i caught cheating. Mainly because if i was in that situation i would expect my bff to tell me. If its just an aquaintence or a not very close friend then stay out of their business…u never know what their situation may be and u dont want to cause un needed drama.

  6. I would do it maybe a few different scenarios. Depending on their relationship and my relationship with the person (just an aquiantence? a best friend?) I would probably take a picture regardless. Then I may mention to her/him… hey I saw so and so at Wal-Mart but didn’t stop to chat she/he was with someone anyways. Hey I saw your SO at WalMart who were they with? I am not sure how I would tell someone deployed that their SO was being unfaithful. I wouldn’t want them to be distracted and not have their head in the game.

  7. to quote what I posted to this link on your facebook page. “I think either spouse who does that and it happens on both sides of the deployment deserves to know. I would however, NOT post it or repost it all over the internet for the world to see as that is just rude & hurtful to the innocent parties involved IE: the spouse being cheated on and the child(ren) of the said parties. Outing the cheating party tackfully and privately to the “friend who is being cheated on” would be the “classy” way to have handled that. If the video needed to be taken for “proof” then it could’ve just been sent to the husband only and not the entire world…. he may not want his “dirty laundry/pain” out there for the world to see. If it were me who had been cheated on, I’d be hurt and it would be like having salt poured in my wounds to have my “friend” blast it all over the entire world… that’s just tacky. “

  8. First off I am prior service and I proudly support my husband who is currently deployed. Second even if you know the spouse is cheating you do not tell the soldier down range, it fu*ks with their head and they forget the mission at hand. Thirs you confront the state side spouse if you know them well enough and how their marriage is. This is also why military spouses get a bad rep its not just the cheating that occurs. If people don’t know the whole story or have better proof then they don’t need to start sh*t!

    • I agree wit you 100%. Sometimes you never know what may be going on in someone else household, A real friend wouldn’t want to add stress to their deployed friend, but as u stated could correct the spouse can could have in a more respectful way, and like adults. Sometimes ppl tend to stick their nose where it shouldn’t be. I learned my lesson the hard way. Told my friend ans lost a friend.

  9. I would definitely tell my friend but recording and posting it on you tube is terrible you say your his bff and yet airing his dirty laundry for many many people to see just isn’t right :(

  10. Why in the world is this on YouTube? The guy who made this video isn’t helping his friend, he’s publicly humiliating him. What kind of friend is that? What an arrogant jerk to stand there in the middle of WalMart and record the confrontation. Who knows the status of the friend’s marriage? Just because YOU think you’re someone’s “best friend,” doesn’t mean HE thinks you’re his best friend. No, you stay out of it.

  11. Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts.
    @Elaine I too wondered how in the world this is still there unless the spouse or the husband she was (is) cheating on didn’t know he placed it there.

  12. I do believe you should always tell your best friend if you know they are being cheated on. You should also tell someone you care about; tactfully. From someone who has been cheated on, adultry leaves a path of destruction in a families life, with deep wounds that take a long time to heal. People are just so nasty sometimes, they need to get with god to start making the right decisions. I would have rather found out from my best friend then in the horrible way I did find out! props to krystel for addressing this issue!

  13. While, I agree and disagree with some of the thread that is going on with this topic. My heart does go out to the kids involved. In the same token, WALMART out of all places is a very public place in my eyes. Yes! The friend was good for taking on the duty to have some footage for proof, and later posted it on the world wide web! If this spouse did not want to be exposed she should do things behind closed doors, and that Soldier pretty much could care less about his career becasue he is in public with another Soldier’s wife. SO with that said, if eithere of them were that concerned about it ebing exposed, they should have thought about going out in public especially WALMART which is where EVERYONE in the military goes to shop!

  14. Ok, I have BEEN the person at Walmart with a guy, and someone jumped to conclusions rather than asking why I was at a store with a make friend. To their surprise this was my friend giving me a ride to pick up a few things when my car was in the shop and my spouse knew already. So be sure before running your mouth, this is what gets a lot of military wives bad reputations. When I first married my husband he warned me that many wives were always tied up in drama. This particular video was a bit different though, the man recording states that he is her husband’s best friend. So maybe I’d say something to my friend, but not record it. C’mon now, you can never judge until you’ve been in that person’s shoes.

  15. I don’t really know if this was a case of cheating but for the reactions I believe it is. I recently made my transition to military life and let me say this is something that happens very often, sad to say. On the other hand I have to agree with Jessica Hinkle, you have to be careful on the things we say about others. Not everything you see its what it is.

  16. IDK if I would record it but maybe snap a picture if I could do it quickly, but heck yeah I would tell. It’s not hard to be faithful.

  17. Nope. You never know what kind of arrangement people have with their spouses during deployment. I heard about plenty of those arrangements during our last one. Granted most of them were a green light for girl/girl relationships it still happens with male/female also. Our neighbor (a guy whose wife is deployed) has a woman over to his house several times a week. I see them outside and going into the house, her car parked there etc. Do I think it’s inappropriate and that something is going on? Yeah absolutely. Am I going to say anything? No, not my business.

  18. If it’s your best friend getting cheated on, tell them, but not till they get back out of a warzone. but only if you know 100% by the reaction in this video you can tell that they’re cheating. but just seeing them in a store doesn’t mean anything. For an example…my husband had to change units (because the birth of our son) so he didn’t get to deploy w/the guys he’s known for 2 years now. He got deployed w/his new unit 1 month before his old unit came back. When they did come back one of our family friends from his old unit came by to see the new addition to the family. Him and his children came over every weekend while my husband was still here. So his daughter came w/him to play w/my daughter and he got to hang out w/the new baby. He also came to walmart with me once to help me get groceries since i wasn’t used to wrangling 2 kids at the store just yet and to help me get the groceries in (still in pain from the birth and we live on the 2nd floor). but that was it. his family became apart of my family w/all the time we spent together so he wanted to see the new addition. My husband new everything and i made sure to tell him before he came over everytime and even gave him a list of everything we did and talked about so he wouldn’t worry. In fact, I hooked up our friend w/my sister in law who was newly single when he got back from deployment. So there’s the example, just seeing them in a store shopping together doesn’t mean anything and if someone was pointing a camera at me when i was at the store i would’ve flipped out too because people do jump to conclusions, so maybe i was wrong and the video doesn’t prove they’re cheating, maybe they just flipped out at being recorded.

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