Yesterday I and a friend had quite a lengthy discussion on how our children believe that everytime we go to the store (mainly Walmart) they are supposed to get an item.

I described to her how my little guy has it down to a science to manipulate me into buying him a toy. In our case it’s almost like a downward bidding war. He starts off with the highest priced item that he wants , knowing that he is slowly driving me nuts . Finally after about 10 minutes of him saying “well what about this it’s only this price” yes he has prices figured out …don’t ask then he pulls his big card which is usually the winner “Well can I just get something out of the 88 cent toy aisle”?

By this point I am tired, irritated that I have to be in the store anyway and I give in because anything under a $1 sounds good enough at that point!

Like my mom says “he is just doing what you and your brother did to me…enjoy”!

Do your kids beg for something everytime you go to any store?

Do you have a Everytime we go to ____ moment?

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2 Comments on Everytime We Go To Walmart…I Get Manipulated By A Seven Year Old!

  1. My daughter is 14 and she begs everytime we go into the store—grocery store–clothing store-dollar store-gas station. Li’l Miss needs a job!

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