I was going through my emails and thought I would just share this information for those of you whose active duty spouses may have no- contract phones.

When our spouses are deploying temporarily suspending their phone lines and all the joys of it can kind of be a hassle , so for those with the below phone companies it seems as if they are making a hard time alittle easier for some of you.

Both Sprint phone brands will allow deployed service members to keep their phone numbers and accounts active during tours overseas.

In Their Words:

“When a customer wants to participate in the Deployed Military Program, they simply contact Boost or Virgin Mobile Customer Care and will then be directed to dedicated agents working on this initiative. The account will be identified as requiring no Top-Up or payment during the deployed period, and any automatic payment activity will be removed. The customer will be asked to provide personal contact information as well as additional state-side contacts to receive notification before the end of the Deployed Military period”.

Should your spouse be extended then the offer can be extended as well.

You can visit Boost Mobile or Virgin Mobile USA for more information!

Thanks for showing your thanks and appreciation to our troops!



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1 Comment on Deployment Military Program for Boost Mobile & Virgin Mobile USA Customers

  1. I wanted to say this ad is not totally true. I was told they did allow suspension for 179 days or six months. I have been deployed to Afghanistan for just about 5 months and decided to call boost reactivate the account that I though they allowed me to suspend. Unfortunate I was told when I tried to open my account is that my account is canceled.
    The POC I tried to discuss this with stated that Boost is an independent company and have not such plan. They have got rid of my phone number that I have had over 12 years. I am ticked.

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