This week Lifetime Moms asked us bloggers ” Do You Give Holiday Gifts To Your Kids Teachers”? I led off the video of my reason why I sometimes do and sometimes I don’t LOL!


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Army Wife 101 wants to know do you give your kids teachers holiday gifts? Why or why not?



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7 Comments on Do You Give Your Kids Teacher’s Holiday Gifts?

  1. I have given my daughter’s teachers gifts the past 2 years, however I don’t think I am going to this year. My daughter is in kinder, and she likes “making presents” for her teacher. She takes her a drawing every week, and will give her a sticker or a mint. My husband said that probably means more to the teacher than any coffee mug or gift card will. :)

  2. This year, we gave a bottle of hand sanitizer to each of her teachers with an attached note: “May your holidays be cheery and germ-free”.

  3. My daughter is one and in daycare. I was wondering if I should buy her teachers Christmas gifts. I decided to do so at the last minute. It wasn’t anything over-the-top. Just a nice Christmas mug set that came with hot chocolate mixes. I figured it is the thought that counts and the least I can do for them for taking care of my precious child while I’m working. I hope they enjoy it…especially with temperatures below zero here in Alaska!

  4. I plan to when my littles start school, but I’ve got a couple years before that happens. We always did growing up…until we got in jr. high and high school bc we had too many teachers. So, we just gave to our favorites! :)

  5. I have never given any of my kids’ teacher’s a Christmas gift. I have several friends who are teachers and they’ve all said the same thing, “If I get one more A+ teacher gift…”

  6. I do if I really like the teacher. This year I got my son’s teacher bath stuff from the Body Shop because I love baths and so hopefully his teachers do too. My son’s male teacher I got him a wax seal set. You know how like before envelopes were invented they would seal the letter with wax and a seal thingy? So yeah It was the initial of his last name and I thought it was unique.

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