You may have seen some military related articles that I have written for Lifetime Moms (yes the same Lifetime that Army Wives comes on) a few weeks back. Recently I and two other military wives did a series of videos for their “We Had To Ask” series …Military Edition!

Our first video rolled out last week and hopefully you didn’t miss it but if you did you can watch it below:

Be on the lookout for more “We Had To Ask Videos“!

What do you think is the biggest military wives misconception?



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4 Comments on Lifetime Moms Ask: What Is The Biggest Misconception About Military Wives?

  1. I definitely agree about the uneducated and unmotivated stereotype. I know more military spouses who are in school or have degrees than in the general public. I myself finished college and had my first job before getting married.

  2. I totally agree with Dana, I have seen stronger more independent spouses who work hard to keep their lives and families together. There are a small few that make the choice to not educate themselves, whine and complain about how life sucks, how being in the military sucks, how their husbands take off to the field just so they can get away from the kids..etc.etc. but they are not the norm. I am far from lazy, I have a life, My husband and I both made the decision for me to stay home and take care of our children and home since he is required to leave so often. We don’t play keeping up with the Jones’s and we are actually very happy… I don’t like being looked at as pitiful, weak, uneducated, fat slob to lazy to get a “real job” and am DEPENDENT on my husband.. but… that normally comes from people who themselves are uneducated and jealous of the life we live..

  3. I totally agree with the uneducated and unmotivated comment I’m so sick of people thinking that because I’m a military spouse I sit at home and have babies and keep up drama with the other spouses so not true. I’ a nurse, I’ve never lived on post and the only military spouse friends I have are via facebook… What I have found is that there are so many more spouses just like me they are mature and have moved away from the OLD typical misconception. We just need to keep saying it and showing the public that just like the military has changed so has the look of miitary spouses !!!

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