So a fellow reader posted a Facebook page where soldiers talk about crazy moments in the Army world. I took a look at the page and saw this post and while I am still scratching my head on this one I would hate to think it’s true because I really love the show “Dog The Bounty Hunter”.

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Here is what was posted:

This morning while our group of Junior Enlisted climbed KoKo head, Beth Chapman, From Dog the Bounty Hunter on A&E, was at the top filming for her workout video so she said. As we reached the top, she told the first few Soldiers up that they were not allowed to go to the top because she was filming. Claimed she had a permit and would not let us pass. After repeatedly asking to see the permit, she began yelling at the Soldiers. Her film crew was filming this the whole time.

“I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting her, but some Soldiers did, this is a recap of what happened.

“I had the very unfortunate experience along with many of my fellow Soldiers of meeting Beth Chapman from Dog the Bounty Hunter. Not only was she extremely rude and very immature while she expressed her opinion as follows:

“you stupid Soldiers are beneath me I’m a civillian”
“you are f*cking up my shot you need to leave. You don’t belong on this island. I live here this is my island.”
“you f*cking a**holes are going to pay for this shoot”

Mind you we were in a state park while this was happening. Great way to treat the very people who defend your freedom everyday.”

I will absolutely never watch that show or contribute to their “fame” in any way. It amazes me how grown people can act so immature at times. There was a better and more polite way of asking us not to ruin her shoot. I mean it was only one camera man…not that hard to go around.

-More to follow because when I left work I was told she had contacted CNN and was threatening to press charges of harassment.”

Reasons Why I Am Unsure If I Believe This:

1. Beth actually filming a workout video haaaaaaaaaa! I honestly am having a hard time with that visual.

2. I watch their show alot and they seem like the type that have alot of pride and respect for their country. Beth just doesn’t appear to be the type to curse out US Soldiers.

3. As someone mentioned in the comments on the post, civilian don’t normally go around saying they’re civilians!

Reasons Why I Might Believe This:

1. People act one way on television but how they are in real life is something different at times.

2. Another soldier who was supposedly there also posted the same story.

3. This is so random a story for someone to make , it almost seems like it would be true.

Bottom Line

If she really did let those words fly out of her mouth, I can assure her and her little smelly looking husband that I will not watch their show anymore.  I am usually the one who thinks us military people overreact in situations like these , but to say that you are above these soldiers and that it’s your island? Honey your a transplant to Hawaii just like us military folks and though you may live there now you are not from there either.

Secondly if they really were infringing on your shoot there is proper protocol on how to handle the situation. If you really were shooting a work out video why didn’t you just produce the so-called permit you had? Why wasn’t the area blocked off like a real shoot would be?

There is nothing else more to be said but before I get my panties in a bunch and shoot off at the mouth readers, I am going to stay updated as to how true this is.

Then again maybe I don’t need to say anything at all , looks like alot of people have more then a mouthful to say on her Facebook wall.

Stay tuned!

Do you think this story is true …why or why not?



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99 Comments on Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Wife Beth Flips Out On Soldiers…Hmm Really?

    • All,

      rest assured this story is absolutley true. I witnessed this first hand. She was in fact very very rude and offensive. Soldiers were hiking to the top as a team building event and to remember a Soldier who recently lost his life down range. The camera crew was very polite and did not say anything negative but she was very childish. Secondly after contacting the Honolulu Mayor’s office it was confirmed that not only did she not have a permit to film but that even if she had permits clearly state that filming cannot prevent other patrons from visiting any part of the park.

      • My husband has also came across her on a different occasion, at KoKo Head. Him and his soldiers were yelled at BY HER, because they were walking on the wrong side of the trail. Ridiculous dumb bitch..this aint ur island. Go back to Colorado disrespectful POS!

    • She has made it up to Koko head several times while filming their Bounty Hunter show. So I know that’s true. As for the ugliness, I believe that she may have gotten upset alittle but their family is very kind in helping people. I wasn’t so sure about the show back when it first starting showing on TV but the more I watched it, the more I love it and regret that it’s not on anymore. They have done soooo much good for people. They’ve helped so many people start over and given alot of them so many 2nd chances….Just because people are christians, does mean their perfect. I like to see some of these critics of the Chapman’s do what they do to keep our cities and states clean of drugs and all the other stuff that the Chapman’s do. they have NEVER claimed to be perfect, as is NO ONE…but they are and have for MANY YEARS made a HUGE difference in alot of peoples lives as well as cleaning up the crap in cities across america. So before yall blame and cast stones at these awesome people, why don’t you live a week in their shoes first….

  1. I’m having a hard time believing it as well, because Beth and Dog seem to have pride in their country and would be the type to support soldiers. However, fame and money make ppl do crazy things.

  2. I have never met the Chapmans but from that I have read on some FB pages here in Hawaii who have dealt with her personally, Beth comes across very rude and demanding. But then again, thinking about it more, yeh How did she get up there? HAHAHAHAHA

  3. She just cleared everything off of her Facebook wall so no one will see it.
    Too bad that story is now all over Facebook and other websites so that fake piece of trash can only hide it for so much longer.

  4. Its not a far stretch to imagine her being that hateful to the Soldiers when her husband has already been outed as being terribly racist. They both have hateful attitudes & its just different groups of people on the receiving end of their b.s. They’re both trash and I wouldnt watch their show if they paid me to do so.

  5. I’m from Hawaii, I AM Hawaiian, and the natives DO NOT like her. She’s rude and arrogant…more so than her husband. Most of us have respect for Dog, but NOT his wife.

    That being said, I still have a hard time believing she would put down the military, but then again it sounds like the same ‘ole attitude she always has wherever she goes. Ugh, I do not like that woman. She’s the reason I don’t watch the show!

    • I was there and I grew up here also and as she was berating the Soldiers she threw in a “bruh” as if to tell us she speaks pidgin and is a local. Hahaha no ack!

  6. It’s actually my page you took this storey from. It angers me that you would question my Integrity. I was one of the Soldiers there.doubt all you want but it’s 100% true.

    • Im sorry if you feel like people are calling your integrity into question but even you have to admit the story seems a little out there. Plus it’s good that people don’t believe everything they read.

    • Larissa~ I am sorry anyone is questioning your integrity let alone the integrity of 30+ soldiers. There are plenty who believe your story and even more who have had run ins of their own with the Chapmans.

    • Larissa I am a blogger not really questioning you, but you know that alot of times these like internet hoaxes go around. I didn’t want to assume which is something alot of people do. I don’t believe your lying but I wanted to know the people who were posting this weren’t just copying and pasting from somewhere else. Believe me it has happened before and trust me it’s totally no offense to you.

      I am truly sorry this happened and she had no right to be disrespectful but then again according to a few people this is how she is. I hope she apologizes and doesn’t just try to slide this under the rug.

    • Larissa, as an officer of the law and you being one of the soldiers. I would like to hear your full story along with time frames. I am also a retired veteran of 25 years. No soldier of our country should have to encounter terroristic threat in our own country, let alone Hawaii nei.

  7. So this was posted on a radio stations FB page and they will be discussing this on air. Local time 1500 today 93.1 Da Paina You can listen live off island @ their website!

  8. it IS true..anyone that doesnt live here..really doesnt see how it REALLY is…all the shows you see..we have been here 7 yrs..not only have we NEVER seen any of these so called real take downs etc..i know no one that has !..locals cant STAND them but esp her ! yes she acts this way ! she was not born here..she is NOT a how is it HER island? shes a weirdo ! my husband works at Tripler..the story is TRUE !!!

  9. I’m wondering if this was blown out of proportion…like you said not may civilians refer to themselves as such. I can see her being upset about ruining her shoot and flipping her lid but I don’t know if it would be any different if it had been just a regular group of hikers vs. a group of soldiers. It’s not like she was targeting these soldiers because they’re wearing the uniform.

    Guess we’ll see.

  10. my take on it, is the story is most likely true!! my husband is closely related to an HPD officer, and he has told us before that they are the scum of the earth, the worst form of white trash he has ever seen.. i also have heard some stories of things they have pulled that never made it to the air!! not impressed! always loved the show, but haven’t enjoyed it in years!

  11. Larissa..please mssg me..i have a few military PR contacts that would LOVE to talk to you. Navy , Army & Marines..just to get the word out there…this is pathetic & disgusting..alot of us know what this family is..and have had personal encounters .. shes rude & deserves the “PROPER PUBLICITY” that she is craving :-) …

    again this is not blown out of proportion several of the soldiers that were there have the exact same story

    • Larissa, et al:

      Always check with your post/base Public Affairs officer BEFORE talking to the media. You don’t want to get into trouble for this. Trust me.

  12. She’s said on shows before that she hikes Kokohead with her trainer. It’s not a far stretch to believe I have saw people 3 times Beth’s size climb Kokohead. I think they became famous by breaking the law and she’s definitely has the personality for the stories that have came out. This is NOT the 1st story by Military with the same story of how she acts. They go around Praise Jesus and F You all at the same time. They became famous chasing criminals by being criminal I mean really. Someone would question if the story is true? Not me.. :) I’m glad Army WTF moments posted this.

  13. My husband and i are stationed here on Oahu and he has hiked Koko Head before and seen Beth doing it. So, I don’t think it’s a stretch that she would be up there. Makes me sad though because I think that show and haven’t heard any bad things about her until now.

  14. This story is 100% true. I know the 1SG and he does NOT LIE. Good people. No one cares whether some believe it or not.. it happened and they are voicing their opinion. I won’t watch the show again –

  15. I am offended that they are allowed to have a show it was not that long ago tapes of dog disrespecting black people leaked. To know someones truth in real life to watch them edited to have a show is beyound me.

  16. I think everyone needs to contact A&E. They need yo ne aware of the actions that are a direct representation of them.

  17. I really would like to share, and by no means am attempting to call anyone’s integrity into question as my husband is also military. I am simply looking to confirm the story before sharing due to being burned so many times before. Every time I see this story is it all the same words meaning it has been copied from someone else. I am assuming BravoCo at TAMC, however having a hard time finding any other different accounts of what happened in their own words rather than the copied story. So please understand I mean no disrespect, I really just want to confirm before creating an uproar…thanks.

  18. This story is very much so true! This was a PT training excersise and MANY soldiers witnessed this! I have personally met Beth and she was VERY rude! Nothing like how she appears on TV and since posting this on MANY pages and sites, a lot of people have said the same thing about her having a nasty attitude. I have posted this story on CNN, all of the fb news pages, radio stations, Dog the bounty huters FB page, Beth Chapmans FB page, A&E Televisions FB page and have reached out to several military organizations on FB regarding this story. Ive been asking EVERYONE to please copy and repost on their own pages. No amount of apologies can make up for what she said to those soldiers yesterday morning! And as a local girl and wife of a deployed solider, I take offense to her claiming this to be her island – when she is from Colorado and how dare she think that ANYONE is beneath her! Bottom line – the A&E camera crew was there – wheres the footage!!!! Someone from that crew must be willing to speak on this!!!!!

  19. I doubt it was as dramatic as it has been reported; that’s the nature of relating stories. I’m sure she wasn’t terribly cordial, and probably got snotty with the soldiers – I doubt she said the soldiers were beneath her and that it was her island. I’m also pretty confident a few swear words did fly, though. I also think the soldiers said some pretty inflammatory things to her, as well. Of course, we all love our troops, and no one’s going to call them out on bad behavior……

    I’m taking the whole thing with a grain of salt. I don’t need to boycot the show. I already choose to miss out on that white-trash fiasco in the first place.

  20. I believe it they have been embarrassing local people in hawaii for years, there fucking embarrassing. They make the islandz look like a joke ask anyone that lives here they are lame and stupid with there fake island accent (pidgin). There fans are all in the mainland were they dont know any better. They act one way but around oahu they are rude and disrespectful fuck them and there family. Go back to colorado you are the fuckin haoles. These soldiers are trying to have some respect for a fallin soldier and this is the treatment they get. Also the daughter was just in court for acting a fool in public, what was her defense oh someone spiked my drink. And dont forget dog chapman himself and his racial slurs against black people. Caught on the phone yelling at his own son for dating a black girl, case closed i dont care if u live in hawaii, u represent us terribly and shoukd be ashamed.

  21. Oh please! They do not support the troops! They support their own image! They’ve been seen around the island and act like everyone is beneath them! They claim they’re Christians – liesd about that too! My cousin was one of the soldiers there – he said she had the cameraman take photos of all the soldiers because those f-ears were going to pay for ruining her shoot!

  22. Paul… REALLY and article from 2005… couldn’t find anything newer?

    I would love to see the video… an UNCUT video. I am sure we will get the “Chapman Cut”


  23. Yes, Beth can say whatever she wants. However, if she wants to be a respected celebrity, she should watch her mouth. But I guess she doesn’t want to be respected at all. All this negative actions just undermine all that “good” they are supposedly trying to do.

    And please, don’t give us this BS about supporting the military. All of that talk is just a front. I’m sorry, showing up to give autographs on a naval ship once is not true support. Going to all the events at Pearl Harbor, really? With their supposedly celebrity status, they can do more than just showing up. How about donations to charities that support the military like the USO? Or maybe even some volunteer time with the USO? What about visits to returning injured vets? Though I think the guys at Tripler would not allow her inside. And with this event, all the talk about military support and any future show at military events will be taken as not sincere.

    Must’ve hit a nerve for a response that all Army wives are fat slobs. By the way, she’s not the only one who can say what she wants. Thank you to the U.S. military for defending our right to free speech…even if hateful, ignorant, lying, vulgar, camera hogging, money hungry people utilize that right.

  24. This is true, soldiers were put down by Beth 2 days ago now with some nasty words. She is very mean and thinks everyone is beneath her

  25. My husband has met Dog at an airport and said that he was very nice. He even posed for a picture with him and a few other soldiers in uniform. I would hope to think that they are very patriotic people and acually support our troops. Maybe Beth has become too much of a diva for her own good.

  26. I have always felt that she has no class and a foul mouth (which she thinks makes her sound tough instead of stupid). Her mouth and breasts are both too big for her own good!

  27. Total disrespect for the heavy set blond. Maybe someone should explain to her about what our soldiers are allowed and not allowed and where. Totally disgusted with the dummy… will never watch her shows either. Maybe someone should pay for a free ticket for her to go to basic training…. that might help with her weight problem. ;-)

  28. I am passing on The Versatile Blogger Award to you! :) Thank you for being an inspiration to us all. Please do not feel you have to respond but just wanted to let you know and hope it brings people your way!

    Love, love, LOVE reading your posts!!!

  29. Beth has a new twitter account Auntie Productions and is trying to get her dog pound to bully Hawaii film office.

    Auntie Productions @AuntieProductio
    Our film permits are in danger. Please contact & and let them know that you support Auntie.

    Auntie Productions @AuntieProductio
    PLEASE RT: Contact & and let them Auntie had every right to film the exercise video. Mahalo!

  30. This is absolutely true. My parents and brother went to see the Bounty Hunter Crew (I couldn’t go, I had to work) but they were very late at showing up and when they did appear they said ‘Everyone make a straight line, we will only be signing, no personal messages (not even a name) and absolutely no pictures.’
    Baby Lissa was the only one sweet enough to go against her fathers rules and make her fans feel special. She took out time to take a quick picture with my little brother.
    Beth is extremely rude in the show and doesn’t have any respect for anyone.
    Beth is doing a workout video, but when she goes up KoKo Head mountain she looks ridiculous. It is a hard climb, but come on, my 13 year old brother did it in half the time that our group of 8 could have done (and I’m in pretty good shape) then he went another time and ran the whole thing.

  31. Now Beth is tweeting from her Auntie Productions account asking why the military is using public tax payer trails for P.T. when they have million dollar facilities.

  32. She is claiming that her film permits are in jeopardy and asking her fans to email the Honolulu film office and say they support her and she should be allowed to use public tax payer trails to film her exercise video done under her new production company Auntie Productions.

  33. I have NO doubts this story is true. I have a friend who helps a branch of the Wounded Warrior. They sent an email to Dog the Bounty Hunter asking if he would be interested in making an appearance to a bunch of wounded warriors. I actually have a copy of the letter they received back from Dog’s public appearance people. They told the Wounded Warriors that it would cost them $15,000 plus for him to make an apperance…. Nice! Most Celebs do this for free, but noooooo Dog wants to charge Wounded Warriors 15grand plus.
    I’m a military wife myself, and I caught some pretty tacky remarks directed towards military wives on the “Official Dog News” twitter site. So, I sent a “complaint” email to Dog’s official web site. I received emails back from ‘supposedly’ Beth completly going off on me accusing me of just wanting attention and then proceeded to call me names.

    That was the final straw for me. I have never watched the show since, nor will I ever. I have NO respect for these people. They don’t have respect for ANYONE, including the military.
    There is a news reporter doing a story on this recent stunt Beth Chapman has pulled with our military. She is doing some serious digging, talking to witnesses, etc…. She also contacted the Mayors office (who ironically has received NUMEROUS complaints about this incident), and the office told her that Chapman never filed a permit for this “shoot”. It was in a state park/recreation area and permits are needed for things of this nature.
    The entire family makes me want to puke now.

  34. This story has been fabricated. The verbiage is not that of Beth Chapman. Beth and Duane are extremely patriotic. Beth would never abuse soldgiers. It is easy to bash Beth, she can be loud and terse. She is put in the position of being the agressive one or “bad guy”. The woman has a kind heart and is compassionate. Raising a large blended family of two generations.Give it a rest and stop blowing out of perportion.

  35. You obviously don’t live in Hawaii or know Beth. Yes she is that way. She does climb to the top of Kokohead, but take about an hour to do it!

  36. Dog The Bounty Hunter is yet another white-trash ‘reality show’ watched by the drones of society. There is nothing real about this show; their lines are scripted and purely sensational.

    What sick/twisted fascination do people have in watching this violent soap opera? Do you have a morbid interest in shows like this?

    This show is a prime example of what needs to be cleaned up on American television. There is no other solution but to cancel this show and others like it. Absolutely disgraceful that its allowed to air, under the guise of ‘reality’. You should be embarrassed if you watch this show and think about changing your priorities.

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