I recently received an email from a soon to be West Point graduate who found me on my Youtube channel and wanted to know what would be the best choice of duty station for him out of Hawaii & GA. You will be surprised at my answer.

Listen to the Cinch podcast below:



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4 Comments on Ask ArmyWife101: Future 2LT Asks Should He Choose Hawaii or GA?

  1. Hey after having been at Fort Carson for ten years, I will say this. Its pretty, its close to your home state, if you like snowboarding or skiing its an awesome location. It’s not as expensive as some states, and over all I have really enjoyed our time here!!

  2. Geez, tough decisions!! Germany, Hawaii, Colorado, these are our top 3 locations and we have been lucky to have been stationed at 2 of them. We just left Schofield Barracks and are currently stationed in Germany. I know that all of the young single guys that worked with my husband had a great time in Hawaii. If you enjoy the beach, hiking, water sports and island hopping then the island life is for you. My husband and I have two young kids but still did a ton of hiking, there are even more extreme trails for those who are kid free ;) This is one hike we want to go to when our kids are older http://www.hawaiistateparks.org/parks/kauai/napali.cfm
    .. Our kidless friends really seemed to enjoy the night life of Waikiki. There is always something happening, be it a party or cultural event. And Like Krystal said, it is a small island and will start to ‘close in on you’ if ya don’t get out and enjoy and even go away, even just to another island for the weekend. Also, many of the singles and ‘kidless’ found great deals on vacations to Figi, Australia, and all of the other islands.All in all, we had a great time in Hawaii!
    We have only been in Germany a few months but so far so good. Everyone is so excited to tell us about the next great place to visit. Everyone is very friendly and the food and beer are GREAT! There are a TON of travel opportunities both through MWR and independent. This is looking to be a very exciting tour for us.
    Fort Carson…. Colorado Springs is our hometown and we keep hoping for a full aviation brigade so we can ‘go home’…. Colorado Springs offers a TON to do and Denver is only 60 miles away. There are great outdoor rec opportunities, museums, concerts, great food. Colorado Springs has a minor league baseball team, rodeos, car racing.They are also SUPER military friendly. You have FT Carson, Schriever AFB, Peterson AFB and the AF Academy all around town. The AF Academy offers the college football games, which are always fun!
    You have a great selection of duty stations to choose from! Good Luck and remember to make the most of wherever you end up!

  3. My husband is currently stationed at Ft. Stewart which is also in the Savannah/HAAF area. We absolutely love it here, and to be fair we do have beaches close by as well. There’s Tybee Island and Hilton Head, and you’re not that far from Jacksonville, Florida. As you mentioned, Savannah is very rich in culture, and with SCAD (Savannah College of Art & Design) being here there’s always art festivals. There are tons of places to go out. The only thing is, it gets REALLY hot here in the summers because of the humidity. I don’t know much about the weather in Hawaii since I’ve never been there, but growing up in Alabama helped me adapt to the weather here.

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