I think to myself everyday…Okay idiot you flew a total of eleven long hours across the US and then over the Pacific, yet and still you are scared to fly back to the mainland? People have asked me time and time again …Krystel how come you haven’t gone home since you have been here? Krystel you know Space A is free right? Well now you know , I hate flying and I damn sure refuse to fly by myself long distance with two kids.

Yes people I admit it I do not like flying at ALL!  Once we are in the air I am okay, but the initial takeoff leaves me feeling foggy and like I am going to black out . I presume that this has to do with the changes in altitude. Once the plane levels off physically I am ok (after I take a Klonopin or two and some Dramamine). I still don’t understand why the pilot feels the need to let me know I am 25 million feet in the air, and why do people need to walk around…ummm your going to cause the plain to tilt (in my loony mind) and how the hell can the plane hold all that weight plus luggage. Lastly why do I get nervous when I see people come on the plane with too many carry on bags.

The point is in about two months I have to get off this rock and the Army isn’t going to sail me first class ( I was hoping that I could make that happen).So I ask my fellow readers, do you ever feel physically sick when flying and if you do or did have a fear what do you do to prep yourself for a flight?

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  1. I usually find a way to distract myself at take off.

    When I land, I get this intense burning feeling in my head and around my eyes. I make sure to go to the bathroom and splash some water on my face to calm myself down, and I listen to some music to take my mind off of it.

    I have never had a fear of flying, but when you break it down the way you just did, I’m starting to get nervous!

  2. I used to be terrified of flying! But now I love it and I would not travel any other way. Before I got married I had only flown within Florida where I am from. Then I got married and found out that I would have to fly all the way from Florida to Italy! I was so scared but I told myself that millions of people fly everyday all over the world and they can do it and so can I. I take some medicine to help me with headaches (for some reason I always get a headache when I am traveling..car,plane, train,etc). I also always eat a good big meal before I get on the plane. I am a picky eater so that way no matter what is served on the plane I am good to go. I also bring lots of magizines and rent a couple movies on Itunes and I just keep myself busy. I also keep a little notebook in my carryon and start writing if I start to get nervous. Anything to keep my mind busy really. Hope this helps!

  3. I know exactly what you mean! I HATE to fly! Just like you, I load up on Klonopin and Dramamine. I usually take them about an hour before the plane is scheduled to take off and they make me really drowsy. I have a ritual once I’m on the plane – I have a bottle of water, gum, a pillow that I travel with, a good book, and my iPod. I always have a window seat. When I get settled in my seat, I get out my pillow and my iPod and try to sleep – which usually isn’t hard because of the concoction I took an hour before! If I can’t sleep, for some reason, then I lose myself in a good book. Basically I shut out my surroundings and try to pretend I’m somewhere else. I don’t pay attention to what anyone else is doing. I know you probably try all of this, but I hope some of it helps!

  4. Flying doesn’t bother me it is the taking off and landing part that scares the tar out of me. Does the plane really have to bump when it lands? When my husband was injured in September the combo of fears literally made me sick when I had to fly to his bedside. And the sad thing is both of my parents work for the airlines. Sending happy and peaceful vibes for your safe journey.

  5. I am DEATHLY afraid. I make myself sick weeks and days before.The day of Im throwing up in the bathroom.I take valium and xanax and it doesnt help.Taking off is the worst.That dropped stomache feeling and it seems to stop in midair(feels like it)I HATE it.I cry like a baby going up.I feel like passing out.Once Im up,I feel a little better and I LOVE coming down because I know its almost over:)YOu are not alone.

  6. I’m more nervous about it the days leading up to it than i am when I actually get the airport. I also get really nervous sitting in the terminal looking around at the people I’m flying with and trying to decide if any of them look like they could be crazy. Take off does not bother me, though that could have something to do with the Ativan I take!!! Landing scares me every time, no matter what. I feel like we’re going to go off of the runway. I try to remind myself that it’s only a few hours (shorter than labor) and I’m getting somewhere I want to be, and it makes the flight a little easier!!

  7. I know exactly what you mean! I HATE to fly! Klonopin and Dramamine didn’t work for me tho….. I get sick on take off and landing. I had to talk to my doctor because it was bad. He gave me Xanax. I slept throw the whole flight it was great…. LOL….. try talking to your doctor and see what is best for you……..

  8. Sometimes it’s the working ourselves up before a flight that really throws us for a loop. You might want to read one of the books out there written by pilots for people who fear flying (I just saw one at Borders). Other than Dramamine, I would be careful with drugs if it’s just you and the kids flying…you need to be alert!

    Just so you know, I’ve flown many hundreds of times in my life, and even I get anxious in the days leading up to a flight and while boarding….so I think that is just a normal reaction…especially if you are a momma bear!

    I have a friend who swore her cure was to jump via tandem parachute! How about that?

  9. Hi my name is Iesha and Im claustrophobic and scared of heights what am i going to do?? My boyfriend is going soon. He is meeting with the recruiter Monday. Im so scared I told him I was scared of those 2 things and it hurts. I cant stand being in the air and sitting in a closed area for a while. I will panic. I have panic attacks thinking About this. Please help me?????

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