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Alright readers you know that I don’t do well with all that boring military news information , but as a mil spouse lifestyle blog it’s my duty to report it.

So let me break it down for those of us who are news challenged and then I will add the official link so you can read all the tedious details yourselves.

In a nutshell the military is trying to make the financial side of PCS’ing easier for military families. Currently we have to deal with things like reimbursements, putting money out first, waiting for DLA and the list goes on.

Although the article came out yesterday as of July 25th all Army uniformed personnel and civilian travelers ( I am assuming that means dependents and probably civilian workers who move too) are now required to use their Government Credit Card This is all due to some changes in “Joint Travel Regulations“.

How It Helps You

“By using the government travel card, movers no longer are forced to pay out of pocket for moving expenses, Johnson said. The new policy also generates a number of other benefits, including eliminating the need to apply for advance travel pay and reducing the chance of becoming delinquent on a personal credit card.

“We want to make sure that people still have it within their budget to continue to travel,” he said, “but we’ve got to travel smarter, more efficiently and try to return money back to the Department of Defense.”

Seems like an idea that makes sense. The only thing I am unclear of is “How Does One Get A Government Credit Card”? My husband got one after he left AD and joined the National Guard. According to him he never applied for one , it just came in the mail one day!

In the mean time to get full details on this and how it affects your family read the full story HERE.



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8 Comments on Government Credit Cards To Be Used In All Army PCS Moves From Now On Is What It’s Looking Like

  1. My question is then what about the people that have been able to make money by moving themselves? Do they just get those uhaul fees taken care of and the gas stops/hotels? Or do they still get the extra money since they are the ones manually moving everything and using their time to do so? If you can’t get that extra money, then what is the point of diy??

  2. I am wondering the same as Kelsey. So does this mean that we use the card and they just pay of the card and keep any excess? Also, what will the limit be on the cards. For moves overseas you can easily spend thousands waiting for housing. Will the limit on the card be enough to cover that?

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