By Susanna Haynie of

I have been a military spouse for ages!
It’s been 17 years to be exact and in a way I can’t imagine how it would be if we could choose a place to live ourselves and have no one to tell us where to go. Some of you might know that I started and the supporting blog to talk about ‘what moves us’ and to give specific PCS tips. Here are a few things for you to consider:
1.If you plan on living on post go to the Army’s new housing website (careful! Army One Stop has unfortunately been discontinued) take a look at floor plans and wait times.
2.Did you get orders? Until you have orders in hand, your new duty station is not sure and there is nothing “official” you can do to get your move started. On that note please keep in mind that EVEN if you have orders you can be rerouted at any time. Stay flexible and don’t panic (well, a little bit)
3.Make sure you attend your ACS PCS brief at your current duty station. In fact, if you can, go along to ALL PCS briefs. This will get you a bit piece of mind, you can ask questions and you have information first hand and not coming through your spouse. ( sorry, but sometimes things get garbled….)
4.It’s good to know how much your authorized weight allowance is and if you can stay within that limit. As a rule of thumb figure 1000lbs per furnished room. If you need an exact calculator then this is a good link (it’s an excel sheet).
5. A PCS is considered “official travel”. Did you know that you can use the Military Government credit card to pay for your PCS expenses? Careful though, if you create charges that are NOT allowed you will be held responsible. Find regulations here.
6.While the Army (Military) ‘advertises’ that you can receive full replacement value for lost, missing, damaged items – don’t be fooled! It’s not free money! If something is too good to be true, it is. You have to have documentation (video, pictures, estimates, receipts…), a strong backbone and a lot of nerves. The transportation provider will try and protect himself as much as possible, therefore it is absolutely important that you check the notes (usually numbers) of the items’ condition that are marked on your pink form (1840). If you don’t agree, speak up. Observe the time limits (75 days for reporting, 9 months for claiming damage)
We were told by movers  that the greatest damage happens when your household goods have to go into storage and not during the transport. Unfortunately, we learned , they were right. While it might not always be possible, if you can, have a door to door delivery. All claims will have to be filed through – the on-post claims office will assist you if you have questions. Again,  make sure you stay in the 75 day time limit.
I hope these tips helped you a bit. Please leave your comments and read others experiences on Afterall, sooner or later we are all moving! Wouldn’t you love it, if someone had taken the time to write about YOUR new duty station?

Susanna Haynie is an Army spouse of seventeen years and the founder of



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Krystel is the mom of two and an Army Wife. In addition to Army Wife 101 she is the Co-Founder of a digital media agency that connects brands with the military market. She has appeared on MSNBC ,FOX LA and formerly was a weekly contributor to HLN's "Raising America". She has written for various outlets including Sheknows and Lifetime and is a big fan of cupcakes and french fries.

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  1. Great post Susanna! And if you feel you don’t have time to document what you have, go ahead and videotape room-by-room, showing your items in good working order…and not broken! This might be easier than photos. I’ve also found that if I put receipts for “valuable” items I recently purchased throughout our tour, in one envelope, I can keep it in our safe (and later with me as we move). We have the best of intentions to catalogue all our stuff, but this is the least you can do for peace of mind! And in the end, remember it’s just stuff.

    One more tip….things with sentimental value that can’t be replaced…such a photo albums, I’ve actually scanned everyone’s baby albums and other old family albums and put them on CD, mailing a copy to a few different family members for safekeeping…more peace of mind. When we don’t drive to our next duty station, my husband insures and then mails separate batches of his stamp collection. Plus, he does have extra insurance on it.

    I agree with Susanna…it is a brutal fight to get money back from movers’ when they break something….lost items must be claimed thru your own insurance company if I am not mistaken….think two steps ahead of your move, and it’ll be less stress-full (cause it’s never gonna be stress-free)!

  2. Hey Army Wife 101,I don’t know if you can help me or not,but here goes.My hubby and I have received orders to Mannheim,Germany.He arrived there last month,I should be arriving in a couple of wks.I have been searching high and low for a FULL SIZE dual voltage iron to use in Germany.All of the dual voltage irons I have came across are travel size:(Do you know where I can get a full size dual voltage iron to use over there?If I have to get a travel size one I will,but I prefer the full size one b/c I’m sure its much quicker to use.Also,how do you find out what your maximum cap is to fly overseas?Will they tell me when I go to book my flight?Is there even a maximum cap that I have to stay under when making travel arrangements?Also,I only have a few things to move to Germany(I live with my family),will the Army give me a check with a dollar amt that I have to stay under when scheduling the movers?If so,if it cost less than the check amt,do I get to pocket the remaining amt?Sorry for all the ques,but I’m an new Army wife,and this is our first duty station:)Thanks!

  3. Hello. My husband moved half of our household items and our vehicle to his new duty station around December 2010. We did not move all of our items at the time, because We were unsure whether I would be able to move with him for job reasons (I am a civilian professional in training and like the military, am sent to where I “match” for residency). I was secured employment in the same city as my husband-thank God- and am now dealing with the move. My question is this: will the military pay for the remainder of our household goods to be shipped, 5 months after the “first batch” was already moved to our current duty station? If so, is there a cap on weight? Is there an appeal process considering our circumstance? Thanks so much for your help and the great blog!

  4. Hi, its almost 4 months and we are suppose to be up for orders to leave here. It’s not showing up yet , do i need to worry about having to stay here any longer? Is there a phone number that i can contact someone to find out where our next duty station is going to be, and why its not showing up where we will go next? Thanks in advance for your help. My husband is not doing any calling or worrying about it, but i have been sick since we drove into this place and i want to know who to contact!!! P.S. At Ft. Polk , LA…. if that shows you how desperate i am to leave here!!! lol

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