I spend countless hours online doing what I love to do research. Sometimes it is researching things for myself or for some of you lovely spouses. In doing that I spend alot of time finding a way to contact someone of relevance which usually means I have to call somewhere and go through a million people to get the job done.

As of lately in my Facebook and Twitter travels I have noticed that many of the services and programs we as spouses use daily are online and corresponding back and forth with us spouses regularly. Yes finally militaary services are finding a way to connect with us patrons on a more personal level.

Did you know that you can chat with AAFES PX & BX right on Facebook?
Many spouses as well as soldiers are using the AAFES Official Fan Page to chat with AAFES and give feedback on customer service as well as get answers to specific issues they may have experienced at a PX. I love this page simply because they are on it usually daily and respond to questions promptly.

You can also tweet with AAFES @aafes_stys on Twitter. Personally I found their Facebook page to be more active.

If your a Facebook addict like me and shop at your local commissary you will be happy to know you can now share your feedback and experiences on the Official DECA Facebook Page. They to also have a Twitter page @TheCommissary . Once again I find their FB page to be more active.

On the health end of the spectrum I know so many of us have Tricare questions or could always use alittle more clarification. You can find that at the Tricare Facebook page. They too can be found on Twitter @Tricare .

Our dental provider United Concordia can be found at their Official Facebook Page where you to can get more great information about benefits as well as ask questions.

Last but not least is Army Housing who I would have to say does an amazing job of getting back to everyone on that posts on their page. People have posted problems they are having with housing at their particular installation and receive a reply. You visit them at their Army Housing Facebook Page.

Now I can’t help but to be my normal blunt self and say that the Commissary needs to step up their twitter game. My suggestion please tweet more then once a day. I also think that while it’s great to hear about obesity and eating healthy, more tweets and facebook messages on how to save and sales would be better.

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5 Comments on How I’m Able to Speak With the Commissary, PX Housing & Tricare Daily??

  1. About the DeCA fanbook page the conversation is mainly one sided..They ask and people answer if it is the other way around there usually isn't an answer. Kind of said because, this would be a unique chance to really figure out what bugs folks.
    But I will say it's a start.

  2. I got a kick out of how the Commissary fan page was asking what we like besides the savings. I'd like to see the savings to begin with. You have to watch what you buy at the commissary to see savings. Some of it is just as much or more than stores off post.

  3. I agree with the other Amanda….I live on a remote base and the Commissary prices are SOO high…my food bill has tripled since the Army moved us here from our civilian home in TX. The closest grocery store is 45 min away and has cereal for 2.20 a box, for example…that SAME cereal on post is 5 dollars!! For a box of cereal!! Are you kidding me?? This is my first duty station, so hopefully this isn’t a norm on miliary bases everywhere otherwise the biggest lie I have found yet about the Army is that the Commissary and the PX offers cheaper prices. I feel scammed, who would I talk to about the prices?? I have pictures and shopping receipts to prove it.

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