I normally do not post random pictures, but someone posted this on the Army Wife 101 Fan page and I know I will not be in the minority when I say I agree with this brave service member .

I am so appalled and upset at our government right now and if I were to use words it wouldn’t be to nice. I so hope the right person sees this picture and realizes that our soldiers and their families don’t deserve this.

Disclaimer: I cropped the soldier’s face for OPSEC reasons!




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3 Comments on I Agree With This Soldier…Do You?

  1. well that cant happen that people in the military cant not be paid because the pentagon is not what keeps the military working it is the D.O.D Department of Defense (DoD) is located in Alexandria, Va. If the (DOD) had to use tax payers money only the (DOD) would be the only agency alive in america. They keep a Private Finance by doing what all americans should do they Invest in the global Economy yes that means their better than a goverment shut down. so dont worry it will be okay you will get paid on time
    send me a email if wants to danielsutter77@yahoo.com
    I Agree With This Soldier so i say he can just come home from over sea’s or monday at base in the u.s. only light work for now

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