Courtesy of Google ImagesIn the world of PCS’ing “RESEARCH” is key to a successful move.  It is important to always be able to refer to the facts when it comes to things such as dealing with S-1 (finance office in military terms) and obtaining any type of reimbursements or how mileage rates when driving to a new duty station and a host of other key factors when PCS’ing. The sites below are the DOD (government) sites that have the correct rate on everything such as DLA, TLA/TLE, Mileage Rates, BAH and more.

I can guarantee you will  need these points at some time in your military experience, so be sure to bookmark them.

1. Learn How much BAH to expect at your new duty station :

2. To learn the updated rates for DLA (dislocation allowance) visit:

To learn exactly what DLA is visit this article I wrote on it:

3. Driving your POV to a new duty station , find out how much you can expect to receive:

4. If your moving Overseas find out your overseas housing allowance at

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