Forgive me in advance for the not so great clarity of this video, I didn’t get to edit this video on my MAC.I want folks to know that I am in know way trying to bash the housing office at Bragg. What I do want them and the Army in general to know that PCS’ing is difficult enough and when money has to be shelled out for rooms ( after TLA & TLE is done) and possible deposits, it is important to give military families correct and vital information.

I present to you my Housing Woes!



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4 Comments on Live PCS: More Housing Woes!

  1. Ugh! I hope things work out. It seems like if it makes sense, the Army won’t do it haha.

    I came across your blog awhile back when my hubby got orders to Hawaii (they got switched from Alaska) and we were in Ft. Bragg….so we’re doing the opposite move! He’s there already and I’ve been waiting for months to get on his orders -_- but that’s a whole other story.

    Good luck at Bragg! There are pros and cons like everywhere, and I didn’t live on post, but I find myself missing it. I think it’ll always be home–and my husband definitely LOVED his unit!

  2. When we PCS’d from HI in Jan 2010 they told us we’d have to pay for our luggage as well. But when we got to the airport the husband just showed his orders and we didn’t pay for any of our luggage. Hope this rings true for you too. Good luck on your PCS and enjoy your last days in HI you WILL miss it.

  3. This is so ironic that you talked about Bragg housing! We are PCSing there next month and it has been confusing to say the least about their policy. We are now on the hold list until we sign out and submit that 31. Since we have 2 weeks to move since my husband is in a school I hope it goes smoothly as well! Hope you get a house upon arrival and things go smoothly!

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