A mess isn't it?

Well actually it is part one of the big day!

Today the final set of movers come to get all my belongings. We spent hours last night (yea I’m a last minute type of person) sifting through clothes deciding what to pack. As I mentioned before going from an all flip flop and capri climate to a sometimes flipflops sometimes closed toe shoes and jeans climate is not very easy for me.

My Plans for This Day

Well frankly I have lots of work to do and this moving thing is just infringing upon that process , but who cares I work from home so I am taking some time off today. Since my husband is here I don’t feel the need to sit around and watch the packers pack. I know it seems as if I should but I really have a hard time just sitting there watching them pack, as if they are my servants and I am the queen *hehe*. In that case I think I will run some errands such as getting my toes done…Does that count as an errand? I also threw away everyone’s toothbrushes (after they brushed teeth of course) because I have this weird thing about packing toothbrushes *ick* it just bothers the crapola out of me.

Am I Feeding The Movers?

Honestly I am not sure! I am a big fan of treating your movers kindly so that they will treat your stuff kindly. At the same time realistically there is alot to be done and I don’t have the time to play waitress. I simply might just provide cold drinks today.

Where Am I Staying Tonight?

Here in Hawaii you can request to have the Aloha furniture brought into your home and remain there until you clear housing. Honestly I don’t like the idea of being in a empty home, so I have already made reservations in lodging where my family and I will be staying for the remaining time here in Hawaii.

Why Not Stay With Friends and Save Money?

Hell NO! I have a total peeve about staying with people. I already have to share a bathroom with my kids and husband while in lodging. The last think I want to do is share a bathroom with my family and someone else’s. I hear so many people say “Oh yea where pcsing and we’re going to stay with a guy from hubbies unit and his family”! How in the world is that comfortable? I don’t know,maybe it is just me but I don’t really like people all up in my space. Lastly once we clear housing our TLA process will began and the good portion of our lodging will be covered.

Right now its time to strip the beds of their sheets and get this party started. The next time you hear from me , I should be live from “The Schofield Inn”!



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10 Comments on It’s The Big Day…

  1. Ok, is it just me or does anyone else get very emotional when PCS’ing?? I always end up crying (no matter how much I tell myself that I won’t) when I see our house all empty after living in it for a few years. I can’t help but think about all the great memories and how much my little ones have grown up in the house…

  2. It sounds like you’ve got everything under control!!! I am really looking forward to meeting you soon – I hope all continues to go smoothly with your move.


  3. Julia, I don’t get emotional at all. By the time we leave an installation, we’ve been there so long (anywhere from 4 to 6 years) that I’m super excited and very ready to go. Best of luck to you amd your family on the move Krystel.

  4. I don’t get emotional at ALL. I couldn’t leave Kansas fast enough, lol. Then again, if I was leaving Hawaii, I might very well get emotional. I just spent 3 weeks down there with a friend, and it was rough to come home to Seattle from that climate.

  5. We stayed with friends for a week in the Process of Pcsing here to HI and I hated it, I don’t like to invade other peoples space. Maybe I will see you in the Scholfield Barracks, that is where we are currently calling home. Can’t wait to get a house.

  6. We are getting ready to PCS as well….to Hawaii! At first we were not pleased about it, we wanted to go home to Fort Hood. Now we are looking at it as an adventure & one the kids will really enjoy. I hate moving & always have, but somewhere so far away has me scared a bit. I never stay with family or friends. I am not sure what we will do this time, I guess it depends when the movers get here. My husband is still deployed so we still have a few months.
    Good luck with your move =)

  7. I pray your husband watched the movers and that you are not in a mountain of every box is like Christmas cause ya just don’t know what’s in there. I was so sad about leaving HI I left that to the husband (Not sure I’ll ever do that again). My errands were meeting a friend for coffee and hitting the North Shore ALONE for quiet time.

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