Here I am…again. Drumming my fingers, twirling my hair and hitting refresh on Facebook every 30 seconds. Yup, we’re waiting on PCS orders. Again.

You’d think after almost a decade of this game, I would have found a way to stop thinking about all the PCS things.

Truth time: I haven’t. And you probably haven’t either.


57 Thoughts Every Army Wife has While Waiting for Orders

1. Oooooooh! It’s wishlist time! I wonder what our possible duty stations are this go round?

2.Oh my goodness. Fort Sill? Again? But we just came from there!

3. Don’t make me go to there again.

4. But wait…there’s also Germany and it looks like Hawaii is possible. Perfect!

5. I like beer and I like beaches, so either of those would be a win.

6. Time to rack and stack those posts. Let’s see.

7. These land-locked very far from civilization places will go last.

8. Hawaii: you can go first. And second. Also third.

9. What if he just turned in a list that only said Hawaii? It seems ok to me!

10. We could throw in Germany or another cool place for a few spots.Why are there so many places without beaches?

11. Who gets the beach duty stations? Let me Google that real quick…

12. The Marines and the Navy? They get the beaches? Fine.

13. I guess they are mostly water related. It makes sense, but I’m still grouchy about the lack of beach-side Army posts.

14. It’s list day!! I’m so nervous!

15. When will they get back to us about where we’re going? I hope it’s super soon so I can start researching.

16. Three months?!?!?! What? That’s crazy!

17. I can’t wait that long.

18. I’m gonna start doing some light research right now.

19. Hawaii was at the top of our wishlist, so I’ll start there.

20. First stop: BAH and benefits.

21. Pretty sweet! Now to find some housing.

22. Hello, gorgeous home. I notice you have an ocean view and a wrap around porch. Let’s peek at that rental price.

23. *Mouth hits floor*

24. They want how much? No way. I apparently cannot afford Hawaii on any budget.

25. Moving on.

26. I found a house that’s perfect in every way.

27. Let’s go, Facebook connection superpowers! Time to join all the groups and learn all the things.

28. Hawaii is an island far away from the mainland.

29. Is there even a Target?

30. I finally feel pretty good about this move! Housing, community, schools, pets, Target. It’s all lining up perfectly!

31. This is our year! Hawaii, here we come!

32. We didn’t get Hawaii.

33. But we still don’t know where we’re going? Just not Hawaii?

34. It’s been forever waiting on these orders. Hurry up already!

35. We should hear by the end of this week! I’m so nervous! I hope it’s somewhere awesome!

36. I hear Virginia has amazing posts. Let me do some quick research on those…

37. Oh! I think I would like Virginia! So many options, great location from travel on the East Coast, southern enough for amazing food.

38. Hmmmmm. Where else did we put?

39. Fort Drum? New York, right? Let’s poke around there, too.

40. Winter looks rough. Maybe take that one off the list.

41. It’s too late to change the list.

42. Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love you, tomorrow, the PCS orders will hit first thing.

43. I can’t sleep. Fingers crossed for somewhere great!

44. But what if we get somewhere junky again? Naw, that won’t happen after the last three tours. Or will it?

45. It’s 6:00 am. Where are the PCS orders?

46. It’s 6:01 am and still no orders.

47. They won’t hit before the close of business? What kind of nonsense is that?

48. It’s 4:59 pm. Are there orders yet?

49. Let me just send this text real quick to check on the status of the orders.

50. We have orders!! I’m so excited!

51. We got Fort Sill. Again.

52. At least I still remember where the Walmarts are?

53. Maybe a decent house will be available. Or we could live slightly closer to OKC.

54. There’s good bar-be-que there.

55. And the basketball team is decent, too.

56. Plus the wildlife is fun to look at.

57. Maybe Fort Sill won’t be so bad?

Where are you hoping to get orders to this year? Tell us your dream duty station in the comments!



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