Do you recognize this beautiful baby? Odds are you’ve seen her make the rounds on social media and the news.

This gorgeous little girl is Christian Harris. She is what’s known as a Gold Star Baby.

Fellow soldiers of fallen Army hero, SPC Chris Harris, pose with his newborn daughter, Christian Credit: Pinehurst Photography

A Remarkable Story of Love

Christian’s mom, Britt Harris, had recently become an Army wife after marrying the love of her life, SPC Chris Harris. The couple were newlyweds and enjoyed a beautiful, blissful young-love courtship story. They married just months after meeting and would have eloped sooner if it weren’t for the close relationship that Chris had with his mom. Britt shared that it was important to Chris that his mom be present at their wedding and enjoy a mother-son dance.

Only months after their nuptials, Chris was ordered to deploy. He urged Britt to try for a child before he left, as he truly wanted to become a father. Britt was a bit hesitant, but fortunately, in the days prior to his deployment, Chris got his wish. 

A matter of weeks later, Britt learned her very exciting news. She insisted on a video chat and shared with Chris about their bundle of joy. Chris was absolutely on cloud nine from the news. Although Britt was nervous about being pregnant and possibly delivering while her husband was deployed, very little could have prepared her for what happened next.

Just one week after she told her husband that she was pregnant, Chris, tragically, was killed in action.

Fellow soldiers of fallen Army hero SPC Chris Harris pose with his wife Britt and newborn daughter Christian
Credit: Pinehurst Photography

Watch Britt Harris’s AW101 Interview

In her Army Wife 101 interview, Britt shares their love story, her reaction to learning of Chris’s untimely passing, the phenomenal story of when her daughter arrived, what life is like today, and more.

Britt also shares what it’s been like to get thrust into the spotlight. A newborn photoshoot by Pinehurst Photography featuring Christian, Britt, and Chris’s brothers-in-arms, has gone viral. The Harris’s story has since been shared millions of times and has even made international news. 

We invite you to support this Gold Star Family by watching their touching story of love, sacrifice and hope for the future. And please help support adorable baby Christian. Donations can be made through her Go Fund Me Account:

We wish the best to Britt and Christian, as they move forward, and preserve the memory of Chris.

Chris and Britt Harris, Photo Courtesy: Britt Harris



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