I know what your thinking here she goes complaining about Hawaii, but I promise this video is nothing like that . Apparently based on the number of FB Fanpage questions and emails I have received, quite a few people are PCS’ing to Hawaii. In this video I address some of the FAQ’s about PCS’ing here. Oh by the way I promise I’m cuter then this in real life but my daughter decided to film from an unsightly angle (hehe!):

* These are just general tips that you should know when PCS’ing as far as lodging,housing, schools and so forth. I don’t go into much detail about allowances here but this will give you an idea of where to start.



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3 Comments on Army Wife 101 Answer’s FAQ’s About PCS’ing to Hawaii (Video)

  1. You look great!! Thank you for posting these about Hawaii! I want to maybe PSC there if we can!! Do you know if there are any Infantry Airborne there??

  2. I think this is a great compilation, and I would like to add a bit more to your blurb about hotels and tell everyone a secret about how we did it.

    My husband did NOT want to stay on post, so about a month before we PCSed, he called the Schofield Inn to see about availability. They had no availability, so he had them fax him a list of approved hotels for TLA. We looked at the list, and made reservations at a Marriott we liked on Waikiki Beach. When we arrived in Hawaii, he was supposed to either check in at the Schofield Inn, or there is a desk at the airport that is open during certain hours. If you check in at the desk at the airport, they will try to send you to the Best Western at the airport or one other hotel at the airport. I have heard nothing but bad things about these hotels. They are right on the highway, and there is nothing around there. But, if you do your homework, you will be able to say no thanks to the Best Western and hop in your rental car and drive to your great hotel at the beach. It took a few tries for my husband to **actually** get the list from the hotel, which leads me to believe they don’t like to give it out??

    Good luck to all of you looking to move to Hawaii. My family loves it, but we are beach people, and enjoy island life.

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