Let me first be clear that I do not miss LIVING in Hawaii!

One of my most popular blog articles that gets tons of hit even now almost two years later is “Hawaii…One Army Wife’s Thoughts On Why She Hates Living There”.

In it I discussed all the reasons I couldn’t stand living there and for me personally that still stands. Hawaii is not a place I would EVER want to live again.

That being said I was searching through my old Facebook pictures today and came across my R&R staycation Hawaii pictures. While stationed there hubby was deployed and when he came home on R&R we decided to do some of the local things in Waikiki and Honolulu.

Truth be told despite the bugs, the old housing , the smallness of the island  , the lack of restaurants I liked and the fact that I got island fever…I miss the beauty of Hawaii.

I miss the days hubby was off from work but the kids still had school , so we would drop them off and head straight to the North Shore and go to our favorite coffee shop. I miss taking gorgeous pictures of the sun setting and I really miss the shrimp trucks!

I still am glad we got out of there when we did because seeing the movie “2012” didn’t quite encourage me to stay. But, but at the end of the day when I look at my pictures I can say that I am so grateful to have experienced one of the most prettiest places I have ever seen.

Have you ever missed a duty station that you originally couldn’t stand living at?



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12 Comments on Shocking News: I Kind Of Miss Being In Hawaii!

  1. I hated San Antonio the first time we were stationed here. We’re back now for the second time and I actually love it this time around. Time changes things I suppose. Time and I really bad duty station in between our San Antonio orders. :-)

    • I’m from San Antonio and prior military and I was stationed at Lackland AFB so being back at home for a first duty station was nice, but while in the military I heard some differences of opinion about San Antonio. I’m from there and I love it, some love it and some hate it, but I’ve always been told there could be worse haha. It’s awesome that you love it the second time around. I’m out of the service, and my husband is now Army and we are going to Hawaii in January of 2013 so I’m nervous/excited and I’ve been reading mixed reviews so the only thing I can do is live it for myself. Have fun in SA! :)

  2. There was the bad, being so far and too expensive to visit family. The bugs, yes! The lack of restaurants. But…..wait for it……..I miss it too!! We lived on Honolulu. The other day my 5 yr old said to me in the car, “mommy, I miss seeing the beautiful mountains everyday.” I miss the natural beauty. The beautiful tropical flowers and trees. The deep blue ocean and the majestic mountains. We pan to go back every two years…we were stationed there twice so it still so special. At least we have our memories and photos :)

    • Heyyyy Marcella! Your son worded it perfectly. it’s definitely the natural beauty I miss the most about this place. Going there every 2 years certainly sounds like it will make for great vacations :D

  3. unfortunately we’ve only been stationed at one base. it doesn’t look like we will be pcsing either. but from what i hear hawaii is beautiful!

  4. I’m one of those people who loves Hawaii. I could happily never leave, and we plan on retiring here. That being said, it drives me nuts sometimes too and I think the sooner we leave, the better. But, I know once that day comes I’ll be devastated.

  5. I’m native Hawaiian and I can definitely say that all you wrote about Hawaii sucking as a place to live is totally true. In fact, I’ve seriously been considering moving back to the islands with my family because I miss my extended family and the laid back feeling of the islands. But now that I’ve read through why you hate living there, I’m going to digress. Visiting Hawaii is awesome, but living there sucks! I think I’ll stay put in WA where there are tons of options, hardly any bugs, and wonderful people. Thanks for the reminder…and the knee-slapping laughs (“kick-your-man’s-ass linebacker chics” hahahahahah!!!! So true!)

  6. Sometimes I miss Germany. I miss how quiet it was. I miss the little villages but I think if we got stationed there again I would probably want to just come back to the US again like before.

  7. I really like all your comments on Hawaii. We lived there for a very long tour. I say that because my husband was gone most of the time. But we have spent very little time back in the states during his career. Coming up on 30 years and I think my husband is tired. I think we both are even though two years ago our handsome son was born. I must say my husband still got it. Ha ha.. Any way back to Hawaii. One thing I have learned from live around the world on islands smaller than Guam to the middle of Kansas trying to figure out what to do. My husband is in the Army and I am so happily married to him, but I am not married to the army. I am married to a man and he is married to this girl. As much as I think this is a good site “army wife” always remember you are married to him. It may be hard some time I really know but the moment you realize it, you start to see the places you live for what the are. Beautiful. Hawaii was to wonderful each day we were there. And the people with there true love of life are so original and happy not made up trying to impress each other

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