Schofield Barracks

I was 18 in 2008 when I moved to Hawaii with my big sister for school. She was married to a man in the military and they were stationed at Schofield Barracks in the old housing.

Weird things began to happen. The doors upstairs would slam! My 4 year old niece would never go to her bedroom on account of her seeing a man with no legs in her room. If that wasn’t enough I had my own experience one night after working. As I was sleeping I was awakened by a raspy voice by my bedside that was saying “sin sin” in my ear. And then my leg was picked up and I awakened by it dropping. I was so freaked out that I never slept in that room again. I will never forget that. God speed to whoever lives there now.


Linden Oaks (Fort Bragg)

I no longer live in Linden Oaks, my husband retired at the end of last year. However I had several things go on, and I have no doubt there was a presence in that house. It started when we moved in and I noticed my children did NOT like to play upstairs. This was unusual as we had two story homes the whole time we were in the Army and no one had been afraid to play alone before.

I have three boys who were in Kindergarten, 3rd and 4th grade when we moved in. They would only go upstairs if they could go with another kid. Then we would hear running, my husband and I would get up at night thinking the boys were running around the halls, and find them all asleep. (We had no neighbors at the time).

One day I was doing laundry and I went into the master bathroom hung up hand towel–walked back to the dryer to get out the bathroom rug and when I got in the bathroom the shower curtain was hanging halfway off. Someone had undone all of the rings on one half. I stood there dumbfounded, trying to reason with myself that somehow I had done it. When there was no way I could have, I hadn’t even gone in where the tub was. It made me wonder if I was losing my shit slightly. I told it, “I don’t have time to play today.” And went downstairs to finish something else.

I told my husband later, and he told me several times something would knock on the bathroom door and he would open it thinking it was me, and nothing was there. I felt someone blow on my neck one night while on our computer downstairs, thought it was my husband, turned around and said, “Cut it out!” only to find I was alone completely. I booked it upstairs and jumped in bed next to a snoring husband, and past three kids who were all passed out in their rooms. There were other things that happened. I like to think of myself as a rational person, but I could not explain those experiences in that house.



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