Here in Hawaii the temperature has dropped and it is a balmy 60 degrees here this week.  For you mainland folks, that means we are freezing and yes I know that some of you would like to slap me for saying that.  I know some places are dealing with real winter and 60 degrees would be a heat wave.  Just know I am not trying to be smug or rub in the fact that I live in Hawaii, I just need to set the stage for this subject.

You see, it is “chilly” here in Hawaii and that means people are digging out their “winter” clothes right now.  The worst part of this is that I get to see a full array of flannel pajama bottoms everywhere I go.  Yes, reindeer pattern at the commissary, leopard at the pharmacy and at my son’s school today I really scored by seeing red plaid, Sponge Bob, Scooby Doo and a pair of hot pink zebra bottoms.  Seriously, what is this about?  How hard is it to put on a normal pair of pants?  I will never understand why some ladies think this is okay.  I am not asking you to look like a beauty queen when you go out, but can we leave the pajama bottoms for the house?   Is it me or does this seem to be something that is rampant on Army posts?  I don’t think I see this many pajamas once I leave the gate.

Maybe I missed the memo for the Fall/Winter fashion season.  Are pajamas the new black?  Is it cool to wear clothes that go from bed to straight out the door?  Should everyone know I sleep in Hello Kitty pajamas?  I guess I will just have to be out of style, because I refuse to show the world what I sleep in…some things should stay in the bedroom.

Celeste is a mom of 2 (autism momma) an  army wife, Rodan and Fields user and rep, world traveler and blogger.  She currently lives in Hawaii where her husband is stationed and on most days is working on her business, driving kids to and from activities all while working to maintain a healthy and fit life. She is the newest contributor to Army Wife 101 and is also a blogger over at Skinny Mommy.



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27 Comments on Are Pajamas The New Black?

  1. I wouldn’t put it in the black category. Try more trifling and lazy. When I see ppl with their pajamas on I think unclean..yuck

  2. I just had a conversation like this today! I work for an attorney and a potential client came in for her first office visit with my boss in Spongebob pj pants & Tweety Bird house shoes. Really????

  3. It’s 60!!! Oh man… We are moving there in a month. That news is going to throw off my clothing plan.

    On the pajama issue…. I personally wear mine to drop my kids off at school but I’m in my car. I agree with you… How hard is it to take a shower and put on clothes? Even when my kids were little I still took showers and got dressed for my day.

    • It was chilly for about a week or two, but now a bit warmer. Schofield is always a little colder and more rainy than the rest of the island

  4. All’s I gotta say is my husband would lose is Military mind if I am ever caught out in public not dressed accordingly…LOL

  5. So glad you addressed this. It’s not only the women either. The other day I saw a man with pj bottoms and slippers…not slippahs…at the commissary…really?

  6. I posted this on the FB page too –

    I have had a couple of surgeries on my abdomen over the past 11 months. Some days, I have issues that prevents me from fitting into my “normal” pants, so I wear my lounge pants. Before you see someone and judge because they are wearing those flannel pants, consider that something happened. If you judge me for wearing my loose lounge pants out, just don’t look at me. I’m not lazy for choosing my comfort over your opinion :)

    • Megan, I agree with you! I am not referring to lounge pants, I am referring to cartoon or theme pajamas….I would never hate on lounge pants :0)

  7. I only wear my PJ pants to walk the dog sometimes. But I live off post in Korea. And you can wear whatever you want here because no one cares. But I would never wear PJ pants anywhere on post. If I lived on or off post anywhere in America, this would be a no go.

  8. I sometimes wear them to the store or to check my mail. I like how everyone is saying it is laziness. You know sometimes people just couldn’t care less about what others think of them. If I want to go to the store and have a lazy day and wear pj pants, trust me I don’t care what you think about it.

    Can’t please everyone :)

  9. I don’t wear pj’s outside of my home because my hubby would have a fit. He does not like to see anyone in their pj’s at the grocery store. Maybe when he returns from his first deployment I will pick him up in some spongebob pajamas!!!

    • LOL!!!!! I am sure he would be thrilled with some spongebob……he will just be happy to see you in whatever you have on!

  10. I never wear pjs out of the house or let my child lol it drives me crazy when I see someone out in pjs how hard was it to change your pants seriously lol

  11. Well if its my lazy day at home with maybe an errand or two i am so in sweat pants/workout pants and sneakers! I do most days get dressed with my hair and make up all dolled up but there are some day like today where hecks to the no it isnt not happening! lol

  12. I understand the pj’s if you happen to be pregnant and see your doctor for a 0700-0800 appointment but other than that I agree, and I don’t understand it. I’ll wear my pj’s to Wal*Mart if I have to make an emergency stop there for a last minute item if it’s after 2300, but other than that I’ll throw on a pair of jeans or some lounge pants. But I do LOVE my grey fleece pj bottoms and my pink and yellow ducky pj’s got for Xmas years ago.

  13. I never understood this either. They make plenty of nice yoga outfits that are perfectly suitable for the public if you want comfort. I understand that at times Mom might be really busy or there is some other circumstance for running in a store with pj’s on, but not every day!

  14. I totally agree!!! And I’m not one to think you have to look your best everytime you go out. I mean, I rarely put makeup on unless its a special occasion, but I do get dressed!!!

  15. This article really cracked me up because I’ve had this conversation with a lot of women before! Some of my girlfriends can’t stand seeing other people wearing pajama pants out in public. I am very guilty of wearing my lounge/yoga pants out and about a few times here and there, but have gotten better about it! I don’t think yoga or workout pants are bad but as for certain PJ pants like flannel or Hello Kitty – that’s a little too much and inappropriate. I don’t think it’s that hard to put a good pair of pants on…
    Then again, it’s your own decision to wear what you want, meaning if you want to embarass yourself or who you’re with, go right ahead…

  16. I completely agree!!!! Looks very sloppy and pretty much says you are lazy and don’t care enough to get dressed.

  17. I dont think its inappropriate if you do it maybe once a week. Everyone has their days when they dont feel like getting dressed just to go make a quick stop somewhere… When it becomes your uniform, then its a problem lol…

  18. This is my biggest pet peeve and I see it daily where my husband is stationed. I understand there are days when you don’t feel good or just having a blah day, but there is no reason wear your pj’s out in public, unless you’re sick or had surgery. Is there any reason you should pick up your children from school sporting your husband’s Miller Lite or Family Guy pajamas complete with a PT shirt at 3:30 in the afternoon? It’s even worse when the service member themselves are wearing pajama bottoms out in public. Let’s hope all these “offenders” read this blog post and do us all a favor and throw on some gym shorts, sweatpants or yoga pants before going out in public, if they don’t feel like getting dressed. Oh and brush your hair while you’re at it. ;)

  19. I don’t get what the big deal is. I do agree above that you shouldn’t dress in pjs when meeting up with a lawyer or dressing up decent but i could care less about seeing anyone walking around in pjs. And the people who are saying lounge pants are fine but pjs are not is just rediculous. Your still walking around not dressed either so whats the difference? Its just another bunch of women needing to complain about something that has nothing to do with them. If it bothers you ignore it. I wear pjs all day or lounge clothing at home and when i do go out i do get dressed but i could care less what anyone else is wearing unless they are showing their private parts. You can always tell who doesn’t have a life. If you seriously need to complain about this then you have issues.

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