The first Ford I ever owned.
The first Ford I ever owned.

Eight years ago I purchased Blue Bertha. Blue Bertha was my beautiful blue Ford Expedition. She was the first Ford I had. Oh how I loved Bertha. I already knew how to drive but Bertha took me to new heights. I ruled the road with her and not because I was a crazy road rage filled driver , but because I was short and Bertha made me feel like I could see the world from a different angle.

Unfortunately I lost Blue Bertha in an accident and I believe it was her size that helped my family and I walk away from that. Hence the reason why just two months later we went and purchased our Eddie Bauer Ford Explorer whom I still have until this day and love soooo much.

My newer Ford Explorer
My newer Ford Explorer

Considering we just happen to be a military family who has traveled the roads in our Ford on my husband’s leave time I just had to share this cool tidbit of info for Ford fans or those who maybe looking for that new vehicle for their family.

Ford Ranks Top 10 In Vehicles for Military Families

Three Ford products rank in the top 10 new vehicles purchased by military families, according to Polk vehicle registrations analyzed in an IHS Automotive sample of 19.3 million households that include active, retired or veteran military personnel. This sample accounts for 920,000 new and used light vehicle registrations last year. Ford F-150 pickup tops the list, while Escape ranks third overall and No. 1 among all utilities. Fusion rounds out the list, with the midsize sedan in ninth position.

Gasp I can’t believe my Expedition or Explorer didn’t rank! What this list does tell me though is that Ford’s are great vehicles. One of the important things to me is having a car get me through deployments and long TDY’s. Our Ford’s have gotten me through 2 deployments and PCS to 3 different states.

I’m a also a big supporter of military friendly brands and Ford has done that in more ways than one.

Image Credit: Ford
Image Credit: Ford

Ford Supports America’s Veteran and Troops

Ford Motor Company’s support for veterans started more than 90 years ago when Henry Ford led a cross-country caravan of 50 Ford Model T’s to transport disabled veterans to their convention. Since 1974, Ford and Ford Motor Company Fund have provided more than $8 million to veterans organizations, including support for the National World War II Memorial.

Ford Veterans Network Group, one of 11 company-supported Employee Resource Groups, sponsors activities for its veterans, military personnel and their families. Ford employs more than 5,900 U.S. veterans, along with hundreds of active military personnel and U.S. reservists and guardsmen.

 Click HERE to learn about Ford’s Military Appreciation Rebate Program.

See what the Army Wife 101 Readers are saying about their Fords:




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