It’s a miracle! Okay I’m being a bit dramatic , but I am pleasantly surprised to receive word that the very popular Case Lot Sales are making their way back to Commissaries.

If you remember Case Lot Sales went away over a year ago in the midst of all the government budget cuts and shakeups. I am not sure what all this means now but I know it will certainly be helpful for the upcoming school year.

I could be a writer and write out all the details in my own words but when it comes to info like this I would rather just give you the official word from the horses (DECA’s) mouth.


Case lot sales are back! With the unveiling of the Commissary Customer
Appreciation Case Lot Sale, the Defense Commissary Agency brings back
the popular sales event for its stateside stores – this includes
commissaries in Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Each commissary will
hold a two-to-three-day event from Aug. 14 to Sept. 30. Case lot sales
offer patrons a multitude of items, some at savings of 50 percent or
more, in full cases and in the club pack format found in off-base club
warehouse stores.

Go to http://www.commissaries.com/stores/html/store.cfm?dodaac=N&page=case_lot_dates for a schedule of case lot sales. You can also check the “Local
Store Information” section on your commissary’s store Web page to see
when your commissary has scheduled its Customer Appreciation Sale. You
can connect to your store’s page by clicking on the “Locations” link on
the DeCA website and access “Alphabetical Listings” in the drop-down
menu to find your store’s Web page. Some overseas commissaries may hold
substitute events such as sidewalk sales. Overseas patrons are asked to
check their commissary’s web page for local store information.



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