The other day I sent my husband to the commissary for just a few maintenance items. You know the items that your kids eat more then anything else: milk, bread , poptarts ?

He casually makes his way grabs the off brand poptarts that have been marked up for whatever odd reason. He turns behind him and grabs our kids favorite fruit snacks. By this point he is in a good mood because he already has two of the six things on the list. He finally marches over to the milk section. He looks and he looks …he sees plenty of Vitamin D milk , two dirty looking ½ gallons of skim milk and looks over to see if they have our usual 2% milk. That would be a negative!

By this point a small group has formed and are a tad bit annoyed, because like my husband they are wondering why in the hell at a military base where there is nothing but thousands of children and babies would you not have any milk. You run out of olives, you run out of expensive cereal, hell you can even run out of my favorite cookies, but please do not run out of the essential items that are the basis of everyday normal life in my household.

Vent Over!

Has your commissary ever ran out of an important item share in the comments below.

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4 Comments on The Commissary Diaries: Got Milk?

  1. My vent: go to the [Army]Commissary on a Sunday after 5pm and chances are the shelves (of the sale items at least) are empty. Okay, I guess I could live with that….however, there is a pay day 2 a month and the commissary to this day hasn’t figured out to keep the shelves stocked if you come in later in the day. I have learned to go before or after and I am glad I can save some money. I think where this is particularly annoying is when you are stationed overseas and you depend on the commissary more than here in CONUS.

  2. Schofield commissary!(that should probably be the end of my vet there the name should explain it all) However it baffles me that they are constantly running out of items on my list..milk for the kids..spinach for my hubby’s salads …anything that goes on a decent sale that week… so finally i ask why the shelves are always empty. I was informed restocking of the shelves is one on mondays and thursdsays….i am sure the shocked look on my face was enough to explain my feeling to the manager..seriously your going to expect a whole base to only need those items on mondays and thursdays?…So that is why if i need alot of items i drive the extra distance to either walmart or another commissary on the island because those places stock the shelves when they become empty!

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