As I am on Twitter right now the hashtag #Oprah is trending and no it’s not because of her half sister hehe.

It is because today our First lady is on there to discuss the issues or military families face daily because of the war , especially those who spouses are wounded warriors and suffering from some of the most serious injuries you could ever imagine.

Now normally I know us bloggers are involved in all our  various campaigns, ambassadorships, conferences and product reviews. Today though I ask that you take a moment to watch the last 40 minutes of Oprah’s show if it’s on and if not watch it later. I am asking you all to join in supporting our troops, taking some time to see that without them and their families to support them, there would be no blogs, conferences reviews and so on.

Now I am not one to get on my soapbox and I am not very political in fact I think this is the closest thing to political I have wrote in the history of my blog but I think we Americans get so engulfed in what Kim Kardashian is wearing or the stupid below the belt shots of politics that we forget without these awesome people we wouldn’t even be able to debate these things.

For the past 4 years I have watched my husband walk away from me time and time again because of deployments. The pain on a child’s face because a parent has to leave is more then a mother or father can bare. The lonely nights I lay here crying because I was alone, or I hadn’t heard from my husband left my chest tight for a year long. No matter how much you try to supress your fears with activities to keep you busy, when you come home at night and after the kids go to bed, those fears are still there.

People will say oh well “you knew what you what getting into when you got married or when you signed”, and you no what…your right! That doesn’t make this lifestyle any less stressful or easier to accept. As one blogger said : You know what to expect when you are going to get a tooth pulled, doesn’t make it any less painful.

I hope no matter what your view are on the war, that you will continue to support our troops and truly understand they and their families sacrifices.

Below is a video documentation of start to finish from the day my husband left until the day he came back:



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2 Comments on For All The Non Military Folks!

  1. Krystel, you are so right with everything. Deployments never get easier, even if it is the 10th time. It ALWAYS sucks, it’s ALWAYS scary, it’s ALWAYS way too long.

    My MIL called me yesterday and said I should watch it. Couldn’t find it anywhere. Do you have the link to the show?

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